Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wobbler, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. Evening all

    At the paperwork stage of my application, been lurking in the background here for a while looking up answers for my questions, and thought it was time to say hello

    Still not 100% on how recruit training is going to go - even with the answers in the threads on here there still seems to be a lot of variations from unit to unit, so will just have to play it by ear

    Any hints and tips readily welcomed - I spent years as a cadet, and then a very brief spell as a regular, but this was over 16 years ago

    I did have a bright idea that as a lot of the questions asked on here (before people get to the TA FAQ section) could be answered by a diary/blog of one recruits progress maybe I could post mine up?
  2. Have a chat with your fellow newbies at your TAC and have a chat with those grown-ups who organise the training.

    Keep all your schedules, paperwork and a good diary of what you get up to and post it on here once you are a fully trained, lean, mean - beer swilling machine!

    Good luck!
  3. Good idea if you can stand us regulars taking the urine out of ta training.
    When I did my basic the guys who said they were in the cadets got a lot of stick, keep it to yourself and don't gob off about how you already know how to sort your kit out etc.
  4. we've got a couple of recruits that have come across from the cadets that share our TAC :evil:
    and both are cocky arrogant cnuts,
    one claims to have been in the regs for 6 weeks and no wonder he only lasted that long with his attitude, and he looks suspiciously like PTE GOLDEN with a bucket load of acne
    the other has massive bum-fluff sideburns
  5. Haha, you're not "in" until you pass training, so what he means is he failed the training, and should wind his neck in. Little chav bastards
  6. Any advance on not being a gobshite? I'd worked that one out all on my own :p

    Any useful hints and tips, words of wisdom, pearls of knowledge this way please :D

    Do lightweight trousers and shirts OG still exist? or is everything now easy iron DPM lightweights? (first dumb question of many no doubt)
  7. indeed that is a wah but it is iron dpm kit, some units do get issued lightweights (me I've been issued full barrack dress never used it and i've only ever seen one drill instructor and an spsi wear it.). good advice keep the gob shut the ears open and you will go far.
    you will be taught everything you need to know just have fun while your doing it and do what is asked of you. more you put in the more you get out i've found.
    Oh yes and never feel silly about asking questions :)
  8. And pain is only temperary! (or weakness leaving the body, etc) so Man Up!
  9. haha you wouldn't believe how many times i've heard either Pain is temporary glory is forever or pain is god's way of telling you your still alive..