OK, do not get me wrong. I will try to help them as much as I can.

There are nearly 40000 members now. I admit to having 2* log ins - one is for help - one is for abuse(i.e. this one), but you must admit it is becoming ridiculous now. They don't use chat and they post "ally" photos.
They ask daft questions, they talk in txt spk, and some of them jump on the "Outrage" bus, whereas we know we are merely "Offended"

Dads, can we get a better "Joiny up" thing?

Yours aye,

Dale xxxx

Surely if everyone, yourself included, has 2-ish log ins, then ARRSE membership only stands at around 20,000 at best?
jack-daniels said:
Is your other username 'Moodybitch'?
She'd kick my clack in - I am not that fucking brave!!!!
skintboymike said:
jack-daniels said:
Is your other username 'Moodybitch'?
That would suggest that Moodybitch is here to help... :D
She is actually - read a few of her posts.
There are only actually 11 members.

The rest of the membership names are created so that they don't have to talk to you.

Chat is something that really lonely people (you) or really bored with the missus (me) people use. If you weren't lonely or bored you'd be in the real world, hence most of the new posters that are probably between 18 and 25 not using it. They tend to have lives.

Text speak I agree with you. It's an unfortunate by product of the technology that my generation (nearly 40 : ) pushed for and we have to live with it. Anyone that uses it on a website though or, even worse, in real life, deserves to be killed. It was invented as a "short form" of language before predictive text came in as spelling words on mobiles was a pain. If you can't spell on a keyboard though you deserve to die.

Outrgae bus? Why not. Perhaps they have nothing useful to add (like you) but choose to not exprees anything totally unuseful (unlike you who is the most useless person ever) but like to express their outrage at things they are outraged by.

You may be "merely offended" but these are the young bloods that are coming in to replace the old and bold. They, one day, will BE the old and bold and I'm sure they will be similarly outraged.

It's the same old "The Army was never this soft in my day" argument which I gave up long ago after realising that guys that had, shock, horror, outrage, never even MADE a BedBlock were kicking the Talibans guts all over the shop.

"Dads, can we get a better "Joiny up" thing?" Fcuk off. If only a few of them are actually serving, they'll be put off by the likes of you and arrse will turn into "EARRSE". And yes, I know you are but I still think you are a cnut.

"Yours aye"!!! That figures, always thought that instead of an ugly chick you were, in fact, a decent looking matelot transexual.

Now fcuk off and die (again)
Fancy a shag? Just don't talk brummie xx
Why don't you use your two log-ins to talk to yourself Snail?
That way you can ignore everyone else and you will be happy

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