Morning all. I'm new to this site and considering career in the Army. First off. I'm 30 years old and soon to be 31 so appreciate time is not on my side. Just really wanted to know how many +30's join the army now days? I fully understand that of I'm successful I'd have orders barked at me from colleagues a lot younger than me but that's part and parcel of the military.

The trade I'm looking at is Royal Military Police. I know this won't be a popular choice for some bit I guess it's a case of each to their own. I have plenty of life experience to bring the army and spent 5 years as a civvy copper in my early 20's. Left for family reasons. My father and mother were both army during their younger years and I lost an uncle during the Warrenpoint bomb. So I have a fairl good understanding of military life (as it was back then anyway)

So really after any advice from those who joined in their 30's and anyone in RMP who could give me a bit of an insight to life would be like as a mature entrant.

Thanks in advance and will await RMP banter.
I have my start date on the 16th and I'm 30. The way I see it mate, if you want to join the army you don't have a lot of choice! I'd love to be going in ten years younger or be able to gain qualifications for officer entry, but that's no longer an option.

Age is just a number!
Thanks for the speedy reply. How did you find all the tests? I'm no brains of Britain but have the grey matter to get me by. I'm fairly fit, play rugby and do lots of cycling. Did you find you were shown more respect for being a mature entrant?
I thought the assessment process was pretty spot on, especially at ADSC. It was less physical than I thought though. I'm going infantry though, so I don't think the BARB score has to be that high. As an older guy, I'd say it's pretty easy to get a top grade on ADSC, it is just a case of keeping in mind you are representing yourself on a job interview.

There were a few lads 25+ on selection, but I work with people that are mostly younger than myself so I wasn't really bothered.

Treatment was identical to everyone else. So far, no one has referenced my age throughout the whole application other than me.
Welcome to Arrse.

To answer your question there are quite a few "older" recruits going through basic training now. With the economy being as it is the Army has become a popular choice forthose seeking stability and security in their job. You will likeley find that you are not the only 30+ yr old in your intake and thinking back to my basic you will probably become a bit of an example setter(certainly for the discipline side) amongst your peers in training. If your fitness is ok you will have no dramas at all.

Good Luck


Oh and you monkey bastard I hope you rot in hell and all that sort of stuff...
Thanks all for the advice so far. I can imagine the economy playing a big part for older persons seeking the army as a career. In my case is be leaving a fairly well paid job in essence to follow my nose. I've always fancied the army as a career but never had the minerals to go actually go for it. I suppose now is a case of it I don't do it now I'll never get the chance because of my age. Im going to call the careers office and start the ball rolling.
Without prying , make sure your financially secure meaning not heavily in dept as the Army get a bit anxious over welfare cases , especially guys going through training . Good luck .

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