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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by rcdk, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. hi there im a new member to the t.a once i pass selection (wich will be a breeze) then should hopefully be on shamrock 2013 so looks like i got a few good weeks ahead of me cant wait been looking forward to a good challange

    im 29 living in n.i and enloy outdoor sports from rock climbing,mountainbiking,snowboarding,moutaineering etc so the militry life should suite me well
  2. Good on you for joining. First and foremost, don't assume selection will be a breeze. If you go there assuming that then you'll either come a cropper or piss people off. Approach it with an attitude of "I want to learn something here".

    From my experiences with the Army Reserve recruit training system some expectation management is needed. You may find your unit is low on numbers initially and some of the weekends are harder to make than you anticipate. Put them all in your diary as early as possible and make the most of it.

    Put as much back into the unit as you get out - even the most junior rifleman can propose AT activities (sounds like your bag) and new ways of doing things.

    Communicate with your platoon commander/platoon serjeant as they will want to know when you're in, and if not, why not, and if you do that then they'll be more minded to put you on courses and entrust you with tasks.

    Nearly done now - I'm sure your unit will brief you but be very mindful of the security aspects of NI and if they don't brief you, ask them.

    Finally, learn to spell ;)
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  3. :)
  4. Rifles. Smart ****.
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  5. Language please! This isn't the Naafi!
  6. Aye, like you've ever been in a real one. You civvy bedsitcock.
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  7. Correct , stolen from Wiki " A generally obsolete spelling of Sergeant, although still used in some British Army regiments, notably The Rifles."

  8. If he does will you learn to march? :)
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  9. how do guys/girls just to let people know i passed selection with ease and scored a high A if that means anything from the intel i got off nrc its pretty decent

    im now all sorted for shamrock and i am fully looking forward to it does anyone have advice for shamrock kit selection etc
  10. Selection is a breeze really, shamrock will be a noticeable ramp up in training first couple of weeks you will fucked around and treated like a school boy who knows nothing, best advice is take it, don't get smart, the bullshit is all part if the process, bed locks, locker inspections lots of shouty corporals and you will march everywhere. You won't be allowed to drink or fraternise with trained soldiers so the harp and crown bar will be out of bounds. Wouldn't be so cocky either you may be fit, but it seems alot of recruits are failing simple things like the weapon handling test, in fact other the fitness that seems to be the main failure area. Kit wise it's issue kit only that includes pt kit and the lovely silver shadow 2's. at least these days the the rtc staff are in the same boat and can only use issue kit as well. Save yourself some time and keep one set of combats for cutting about the camp and use another set for ranges / field craft etc, get both sets dirty and you will get caught out at some point. Some other tips sleep in your sleeping bag on top of your made up bed block stop it getting to missed up little things like make your life a little easier

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  11. If you think that, why are you joining the stabs?
  12. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Bed blocks? ******* bed blocks?

    We didn't even make bed blocks in 92 and a do b'leive it's duvets now.
  13. And even if you did follow that great idea of using your sleeping bag over your bed block you'd still mess it up!
  14. Aren't we sarb's now?
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  15. Yep, bed blocks, anything to dick you around

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