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I would just like to say hello!
I am currently applying to (hopefully) become an officer in the Army and was directed to this site by some guys at
I've started applying to regiments for insight days/ interviews and although I started off applying to Infantry regs my careers liason officer has suggested joining the gunners and info and/or advise would be greatly appreciated, especially as you guys have already been through the mill already. It would be good to hear some "unoffcial" advise rather than the info from the army careers servise. :)


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May I suggest pointing yourself in the direction of the "Decent Forum," and saying that all again.
Now that there is a board for people wanting to introduce themselves, you're far more likely to get a civil response there! :)
jlitt, you are very welcome! Please excuse the ignorance and bad manners of the minority of users here. As Macks says, there is one area of the site where you are guaranteed to avoid it but we would also like to think that the Officers' forum reflected decent standards of behaviour too!

Back to the Naafi for you, babiesheads.


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Good call.
Apolgies jlitt, just yanking your chain! Welcome! :D
Crack on with RCB Briefing, then go to visit a few regiments. Play the field: don't be narrow-minded and stick like glue to your local infantry regiment. Visit the Gunners at Larkhill - it'll give you a clear insight into what might lie ahead, both on a military and social level. If you can rock up to the MAin RCB having a few visits under your belt, you will stand out as someone who has actually done the necessary groundwork.

Don't let you careers officer bully you or funnel you into a particular area, based on his own perceptions of how he'll think you will cope. See the regiments that you want to see. Remember that it's only sponsorship you're seeking - you aren't signing your life away to a specific Reg until Week 22 of the Commissioning Course.
LTs right pimp yourself around and visit as many Corps and Regt as possible. You won’t get the chance at Sandhurst and the advice there is very one sided, despite what they say.

You make your choice of Regt (called choice of Arm) in the third term now and it doesn’t mater who sponsors you to Sandhurst, as the opportunity to join almost any Regt is available (with only a few exceptions regarding quals and aptitude.)

Get some visits in and throw yourself whole hearted in to it. By all means get drunk and some places will think you stand off ish if you don’t get involved but be aware of getting too pissed and coming of appearing like a cock. I’ve said before and I’m bound to say it again, join a regt where you feel comfortable and get on well with the other people. Go where your friends are going at Sandhurst you will spend very little time actually doing you job/trade but spend every night in the mess if you don’t get on with them then life can be really sh*t. This is compounded on operations when the only adult interaction you have is with the other officer from the Regt.
Grumblin_Subaltern, could you answer this: Is officer entry to The Int Corps judged on anything other than the Modern Languages Aptitude Test? It seemed rather disheartening to be denied any prospect of a PO visit due to the infernal Official Secrets Act precluding actually learning anything about the Corps. Althought they've moved the CoA procedure to term 3 now, they have narrowed down the number of choices one can make, and consequently the number of visits you can make. How the hell do the Int Corps actually recruit any officers if they are denied any useful first-hand information? Do the Int Corps suddenly throw open their arms, and welcome interest from all the officer cadets? I doubt it...
The Int Corps are still very selective, but they don't need that many officers. Someone on AJD told me the number in the whole of the Corp for direct entry and it was ridiculously small. Entry is not just on the Modern Lang test but it is a big part. If you impress at Sandhurst, as you apply to the Int Corp, they will give you a longer interview. Trouble is first few years can be really dull. The really good jobs start at captain level, but that could be said for most Arms. That aside I believe I’m write in saying you go into term 3 with just 2 choices.
Yes, I heard that the MLAT is a vital part of their selection process, and that at best only a handful of cadets make the grade. Its just disheartening the lengths that Liaison Officers and the Int Corps itself go to, in order to ward off prospective applicants.

I was led to believe that most of the best jobs in teeth arms are those below the rank of Capt, ie Troop Leader. However, at Captain level one could consider Regimental Intelligence Officer jobs etc...
I'd say that the best jobs in terms of full-on enjoyment and the ability to learn the ropes and get off on expeds and jollys and the like (though now admitedly much harder to come by and rarer because of op commitments and stretch) is as a troopie. The most interesting and challenging jobs usually come once you have done a tour as a Capt.

Is the general perception true that the majority of Int Corps officers are LE or transfers in? It is a horrid mess kit though, and that HAS to be a consideration in any young, single officer's evaluation!
Very true Woopert, gopping mess kit. The ladies are not going to be impressed with brain cells but by how much of a peacock you are. Just look at the Cav.

And your mob Woopert they have kit that it isn't too bad.
Very many thank for all of your replies so far (yes I mean all of them I do have a sence of humor?!) please carry on all advise is greatly appreciated!
I know what your talking about the recruiting officer was a bit iffy about my choice of infantry officer thought it might be a bit "rough". I've got an interview in 11 hours with the RAR and a insight with the para's in Jan.
One more thing after last years application to the RN as an aircrew officer I decided that I would reapply as a bootneck (well infantry officer is my thing) would the army look down on my split apllication?
Frightfully sorry to hear the recruiting officer thought the infantry might be a bit "rough"!! Perhaps he thought you were gay and was suggesting you might want a bit of rough?
Don't be put off if you are gay because we really do want everyone to join our jolly little band of equally opportuned, diversity managed and sexually preferenced elite of the country.
(In fact, between you and me, if you want to do really well in your career try and be a minority of one sort or another as you will get noticed very quickly and they will have to promote you and give you the best jobs for fear of being accused of discrimination. Top tips to get noticed....
1. If your not gay - pretend to be and you will get noticed very quickly (unless you have joined the Guards or Household Cavalry) You will also be able to bugger the men quite legaly now as long as they are not in your direct chain of command. (You will find out more in week 4 about chains of command - quite painless! so don't worry)
2. Try and join some religion that allows you to eat non-british food and or wear a turban or something. Again you'll get noticed, especially if you want Halal, Kosher or Veggie rations on exercise (field manoevers) as the Quartermaster will go ballistic and talk about you in the mess right from the start.
3. Try talking with some sort of northern regional accent...stronger the better, Glaswegian or Geordie normally goes down very well! Again gets you noticed and promoted quickly.(although very common in the RAF and some of the more junior Corps where they seem to accept that sort of thing) The enlisted swine instantly warm to you as well! (I don't think that is a positive thing but it could work to your advantage)

Anyway the recruiting officer was probably right - the Infantry IS a bit rough! Honestly! They've even been known to kill people now and again! I know it is usually an accident and they didn't really mean to or they thought the enemy were going to do something horrible first! Try Sigs or Int Corps - much better totte!!
No, they won't look down on you at RCB if you can articulate your reasons for applying to do Marines POC and AIB. If you can pass POC, it's a brilliant confidence boost in terms of your physical ability, and will ease your mind if you ever have to do the All Arms Commando Course should you join the Army. AIB is a doddle, but you would have to brush up on your naval knowledge (the RN want their pound of flesh out of all prospective booties).

You should expect a grilling at RCB about your motivation to join the Army, when you get to RCB. They will have on record all previous applications to each Service, including all (medical) results. Don't start the "playing the field" arguement when accused of indecisivenenss, but state your interest in infantry per se.

Don't let the Careers Officer steer you in a particular direction, but bear in mind that if he clucks about the Infantry being too rough, you can always circumvent the bloke and ring up the individual regiments. The is no limit to how many visits you can do.
Lt_george thanks for the tip, I had already done this and received an invitation for an interview with the Royal Anglians before my first meeting with the with the university recruiting officer. The interview took place today and they offered to sponsor me and promptly booked me onto the next preRCB briefing (08/03/04). So if there are anymore potential officer candidates out there reading this thread [this is good advice]. The speed of the application has surprised me after last years application to the RN FAA which took almost a year I thought the Army one would take the same amount of time. This may mean I will not be able to complete my RM application as my AIB is up at the beginning of June, and at my interview they said if the can push my application progress fast enough, then I may be eligible for May entry to RMAS.


You can always transfer to another cap badge if you make the wrong choice. One factor you should look at is the chance of a Reg C for your age group. If you want a short service career it doesn't matter but if you want the full term then think about that.

Look at the officers in the mess when you visit. No matter how much you like a job if you don't get on with the mess then it will be no good for you. Each regiment or corps has it's one personality (or lack of one).
Well I got a great sense of family atmosphere within the RAR. The strangest thing was going into a room after the interviews for my sponsorship with an older officer with thick tortoiseshell glasses who gave me six quid for my taxi fares after signing for it.
(no 2 page form that I never bothered to fill for my RN fares to send off and reclaim).
After the interview on my train ride home I noticed that the nice kindly guy who sorted out the petty cash was after seeing pictures in the Castle mag’ the Col of the reg?!?
jlitt. Colonel of the Regiment handing out expenses to POs? He'll be offering to bull your shoes next. :wink:

Any thoughts on which Battalion you would join? Do you have any geographical links with their recruiting counties?

Top tip - The Royal Anglian Regiment is abbreviated to R ANGLIAN.

PM if you want to know more about that fine Regiment.

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