newbie!! re:- (north luffenham)

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by sponge-bob, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. [align=center]hiya,

    im karen, im new around here, just wanted to no does any 1 no what its like to live in north luffenham.

  2. Green ??

    Justified to the centre ??

    Illiterate ???

    I'M OUTRAGED !!!!!!!!!!
  3. No, no. We've been through this before I'M OUTRAGED and so's my wife.
  4. If you're going to tell us your real name, why call yourself sponge bob?

    Are you blonde?
  5. You have to admit; it's a rivetting read.
  6. The Sun's Arts and Literature Correspondent on here again?
  7. North Luffenham is in the middle of no-where about 6 miles away from Stamford (A1)in South Lincolnshire(approx 25 miles away from Perterborough)

    Been there a few times and went to a mates MQ which are around the outskirts of the camp and werent that bad. Theres nothing much in the camp itself except a pads NAAFI, but there was a AEC there. Your best bet is to get in touch with the hive or welfare officer for more information.

    If ou love the countryside youll enjoy it, if you like shopping expect to travel.
  8. thanks for your help The_IRON, i will do that

    as for your comment polar69 if i want to write in green and off center i will do, an dingerr no im not blonde i called my self sponge-bob becase after spending 5 mins or so trying to make up a user name i got sick of typing in ones that people all ready had, not that i need to answer to you!!

    i only came on here to ask a question and all you have done is take the piss if ur not going to help then dont bother replying..
  9. Hello Karen. Is your husband from 16? If so, call him a cloudpunching hermo and start drinking from the furry cup.
  10. It's your God given right to write however you want, Karen.

    It's our God given right to mock you if you write like an autistic five year old chav retard who has a crayon stuck up her nose.
  11. Only if you can reciprocate by telling us what it's like to sit alone at a computer, inhaling pies and wondering why the phone never rings and the thrush won't clear up.
  12. its great!!
  13. [align=right]I would suggest getting in touch with the North Luffenham Hive.
    Tel: 01780 727639
    Mil: 95361 7639

    Opening Hours:
    Mon - Fri: 0900 - 1300hrs

    Now for the rest of you,

    I hope you all have a nice day!