newbie :) possibly looking for penfriends, email etc :)

soulful said:
hi i am from the midlands and wasnt sure where to look for penfriends so will post here anyhow :) Dawn.
I know a Dawn from the Midlands, although she isn't usually short of attention.

What sort of pen pal are you after? MDN and Flashy are very friendly, tea-drinking types who do a good line in polite banter and knitting patterns. If you've had one or two extra mince pies over the festive season then I am sure Cuddles will be glad of the attention.
you're clearly naked...let's see the rest of the pic and i might write to you....i'm due parole in 2009....maybe we could meet then...i know a nice laybe in dartmoor
Hello Soulful and welcome to arrse, congratulations on not being as ugly as half of the vomit inducing kangopigs that frequent these forums.

You aren't pretty enough for me to chuck a mix up you, but you'll find someone on here who will happily deliver you a portion of veiny muscle.

Good look and welcome once more

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