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Hi. I am 23 from the west midlands. Was browsing the internet to look at things to do with the army and came across this site. My boyfriend is a soldier in the British Army, based in Germany (Recovery). It was nice to find this site. I look forward to talking to you all xxx :)


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firestarter said:
Sounds like the Jerky Boys !
23 eh?

We soldiers stick together, we never go with anyone elses partner; it's immoral apparently.....

Morals & Standards Brief, chapter 1

8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
what you need to do now is post a 'tasteful' picture of yourself in the gallery, then youll be welcomed with open arms!
amazon1981 said:
I will see what 'tasteful' pics I have!!
youll go far on this site :wink:
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