Newbie needing help....sure you have heard it all before

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Kizzeh, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. I have looked through the topics and i have got a general idea of what is expected of people when training etc for the army...but i am unsure where i stand with my own results.

    Just to give you an idea.. i am 16 and 4 months, 194cm tall, 82kg.

    My BARB test result was 57/60 and today i took my first timed 1.5 mile run. I took 11:54 and collapsed at the end of it.

    I have recently given up smoking (stupid habbit. Started young and never saw a reason to quit) Just a social smoker mind :wink:

    I wouldnt mind joining the Para's or the moment i am unsure what i want to do.

    What is better. Applying as a junior or an adult?

    Is my barb test and first run good or bad?

    How many minuetes you think i can shave off my running time?

    Sorry for poor sentance structure, spelling and grammar. A monkey can write better than me 8O
  2. You started young yet you are... young. You mean you were puffing on the Golden Vag at the age of 6? Are you from Derby?

    I don't really have an opinion on the junior/adult question. If you want to fag around for 40 weeks or whatever it is now and have someone else get you into shape, then joining as a junior is surely the answer.

    Your BARB is not bad. Probably in the "good range" (relatively speaking). It depends what you mean by first run as to whether it's good or not. Surely you run at school, or in juvenile detention. It's not f***ing awful, but it's far from good. I "think" you're going to have to shave 2:36 off your run time if you want to be a para. I can't see that'll be a problem if you stick at it. Just remember if it starts getting easy... you're not fulfilling your potential. There are many running programmes busting around this and other boards. You sound like a bit of a lanky fu**er, there are worse shapes to be for running.

    You say you "wouldnt mind joining the Paras or something." It's very important for you to decide what corps it is you want to go into. If you want to be a para, you must REALLY want to be one. You can't blag the interview on the basis of indifference (this is possibly wishful thinking on my part; RSC interviewers seem not to care much of the time). Look up information about the paras.. what it means to be one.. what it takes etc. If that makes your balls tingle then perhaps. Actually, do they even let you take BARBs without some idea as to what career you want to do? I don't think enough importance is placed on getting recruits to choose the RIGHT trade. Spend time actually going through every job rather than going out on the rob for 1 or 2 nights and make a proper decision.

    Good luck.
  3. Weight and height seem proportional. Barb test was OK but 11:54 (and collapsing) requires room for improvement. I am over 40, smoke and enjoy the odd pint or twenty!!!! and I can run a better time. ( 185cm and 92kg, good (ex) flankers statistics).

    Your run time will improve with training. Suggest you do more training prior to enlistment. Don`t forget endurance, get some long runs in at 10 miles or so if considering Paras. Best of luck to you.
  4. You really do need to work on the running. No cause for panic, but start going out 3 times a week and aim to get the time down towards the 10 minute mark.
  5. i want to be in the para's alot, but its a case of convincing the parents...they worry to much. I am yet to convince them and if i dont there will either be a shouting match or i will settle for dog trainer or Logistics...but they are not my first choice.

    The run was my first in a few months. Before i was running 3 times a week doing 5 milers at an average of 38mins. Only lasted around a month because i got moved around in the family.I did no running before that. I am not a great runner and this was the first in about 6 weeks or more. I timed it so i would know my absolute low and try and improve.

    Yes i am a lankey fcuk

    I live out in the flat fens so there are no hills to run up and down like a loon or council estates to "knock and run-like-fcuk" on. I started smoking when i was 8.
  6. Kizzeh, whilst it is commendable to be the dutiful son, and take your parents concerns on board, dont let them dissuade you from following your dream.
    Trust me on this one, when you pass out, whatever capbadge you wear, all the arguments will be forgotten, and they'll be proud of you.

    Good luck
  7. i shall bear that in mind thank you
  8. Then you need to not be 'ashamed' of your choice and speak about it with desire rather than "I kind of maybe would like.. dunno.. paras.." - if you get me.

    Since the first assessment you need to pass is a 1.5 miler, you need to train specifically for that. It will get better. 5 miles at a steady pace is a great way to increase aerobic fitness (contrary to some opinions of beasting, the cardio system is more directly impacted during steady aerobic practice since the assisting anaerobic glycolysis is minimised), but it won't shave minutes off your 1.5 mile alone. In fact you could probably get away with doing a 5-8 miler once a week and throughout the week concentrate on 1.5 mile runs, mixed with 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy repeated, interval training, fartlek etc. Be out for anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes, 4-5 times a week inclusive of your long run. If you feel any potentially injurious pain (I don't mean the odd 'my ankle kind of hurts a bit') then rest. Don't be lax, skipping running for 2 weeks on the trot is a bad idea, as aerobic fitness beginst to "decay" at roughly this time period.

    Hope this helps... but practice >>>>>>>> theory.

    You don't need hills to run 1.5 in 10.

    Smoking since you were 8 - that's too easy, so I won't.
  9. :D
    Like the man says, you've got to want the cap badge, or you'll soon get pissed off!

    BTW, I'm 38, and run a 8:35 BPFA, and I'm a fecking Signals Staffie! (Thats REMF, or PONTI to you elite types :p )

    If you want to be a PARA, you should be aiming not to beat me, but to destroy me! :wink:
  10. I hear what you are saying Burton about the urrrhmmings.

    would it be worth training specifically for the 1.5miler or would it be better to try and get 6min/mile or less then try and do 2 laps of 6min/mile

    And biscuits, at this moment i am hoping to see you in my sights let alone beat you. I run liek a chicken with one leg
  11. Why not, try anything.

    Mix and match whatever you like, you can't really "go wrong" so long as you get the street time in. Try to run 1 mile in 6:30 (if you do that and have more puff, keep going!). Take a breather, then do a 3 miler at 8mins/mile. Then do a warm-down 10 minutes. Then call it a day on the running and 2 days later try 1.2 miles in 7:30. Subsequent days.. 1.4 in 8:30.. then 1.5 in < 9:30. These shorter distances motivate you, as well as helping you to learn the pace you'll need to run at.. if you know you can do 1 mile in 6-7 minutes, you'll feel as though you have that down pat and have something to build on.

    If you can't do those examples, then no worries, alter the times upwards accordingly (and adjust them downwards as you become better and better.. take the mindset that "well I can do 1.5 in 11 minutes now, I should be able to do a mile in less than 2/3rds of that"). The soul can only carry you so far and fast if the body is incapable. You need to become conditioned. Don't lose heart and never think you're not good enough.
  12. Kizzeh, i was once like you.

    I could not run for sh1t, and my 1.5 time was 12 mins + (at age 23 :oops: )

    I got my arrse in gear and started going to the gym 3 times a week and running the 1.5mile on the tread mill at a speed i new i could manage. The next time, i upped the speed by 0.5Km and every 3rd run ran 5k at an easyish pace. I also regularly run a few miles on the beach with my dogs.

    A few weeks of hard work resulted in my 1.5mile time dropping below the 10.30 time. This was good enough to pass, but not good enough for me! I buckled down and kept at it. My 1.5mile time is now sub 9.15 and dropping.

    Just build it up slowly, and throw in a slightly longer run occasionally (1 in every 3-4). This will only work if you are willing to put in the effort, but it does work!

    PS, as an alternative and to develop strength and fitness, you could throw in an assault course (make your own one up if you have to) once a week


  13. I'm not a PTI (even though I'd like to be in my next life), but I am a qualified personal trainer. If you let me know what you're doing exercise-wise now, your weight and height, what you're looking for and a timescale, I could devise you plan.

    My email address is
  14. You could always join a Corps and get a trade such as engineer, chef, medic etc then volunteer to do P Coy (Para Training), this would give you time while in basic training to improve your fitness, and give you more of an idea of the level of fitness you would have to reach before going for P Coy. Also it may give you a bit more of an interesting job once your daft enough to jump out of airplanes.
  15. e-mail sent gymkev

    Thank you everyone for your help

    I will print this page off and have a read and a think tonight