Newbie: Medal ribbon sewing advice needed for hapless wife!

I hope someone here can help. My husband is in the Police Force and has been given some ribbons to sew onto his uniform for a medal presentation. I know they should go just above the left hand breast pocket but I have no idea how thick they should be or whether you sew the sides down once you have folded them over.

I was planning to wind them around a piece of cardboard as a template and use fabric glue to stick the ribbon to itself and then sew the finished ribbon 'oblong' onto the tunic. I thought sewing the sides 'shut' might look messy and glue might work better.... what is usual? Any help much appreciated.

Many thanks.
Not sure how they actually do it, but if you have a look around the web for Military Tailors, you should find somewhere that will either do it professionally or give you the correct advice.

Thats one of them. Be aware that if he has more than medal, there is a correct order that the ribons have to go in. They should also be able to advise on that.


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