Newbie looking at advise on a career route

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MiKe19, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. Hello fellow arse members,

    I'm a bit unsure on what route to take. I will obviously go to a army careers offices for more info. But thought i'd ask on here first.

    I'm fancying either going for army aircorps officer or electronic warfare systems operator.

    I fancy the aircorps because of all the challenges involved plus getting the chance to fly one of the best attack helicopters in the world.

    Electronic warfare systems operator ; I actually found looking through the jobs on the army website. The qualifications, promotions and future prospects that could be involved really do interest me.
  2. Guessing the same question as been ask a few times?

    Or no one has applied or had any past experience with either?
  3. Me? dont know much of what youre on about. (im joining infantry) All i will say though is you wont be joining up and flying with your mate Budgie the little helicopter and popping home for tea and medals. From what ive gathered from my recruiting sergent is you cant become a piolet unless youve been in for over 4 years which means that you have to sign on for 8 years. - now you might not mind this you may want to stay in the army for as long as possible (like me) but if you cant sign for 8 years of commitment then go for the ummm techy thingy mabob. 8)
  4. I'm looking for a career in the army anyway.

    For the corps, from what i've read, it could be along time if your soldier to get a chance to fly.
    What i read for an officer in the corps, is that your trained as an army officer first then go through all flying training etc. Then your assigned to a infantry regiment as such.

    I'm not thinking, THAT i join up and fly straight away ,mateY ;-)

    I'm not sure on the signing up though? If you sign on for 8 years of service, after those 8 years can you sign on for more?
  5. You most definitely can, young man. So, crack on and enjoy all that the mob has to offer.
  6. Your better off going to teh ACIO. You are talking about two vastly differing jobs, and they both have different Terms and Conditions.

    Then coming back with any questions.

    I would more than recommend teh EW Op. But that is not an officer slot.

    The officer in the AAC, don't know that much about it. But you could, after 4 years, volunteer for flight training from the EW Ops slot.