Newbie (hope this is the right place to post!)



Before I go and watch the Champions League I wanted to say hi :D

I have been thinking about joing the army on and off for a while now. If I do decide to join I wish to join as an officer and eneter either, REME, RE or RS. I'm going to university in September 2009 and will join the UOTC.

I'm a little unsure as to join the army or police, so if anybody went through the same problem, I would be very grateful for your input.

Anyway, must dash, thanks guys




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Good luck at Uni - good drills on thinking about your future as one that may be in the Army.

Army every time as far as choice goes. There's a million reasons why the Army is a better choice, and I'm sure many of the members on here will be happy to point them out.

I'll start with:

MUCH better camaraderie.
Much more travel.
You get to play with proper weapons.
Much better uniform.
Better fitness.
Lifelong membership of a very select, elite group of people that are respected the world over, if not feared in some places.
Take it he means RSigs. RS has gone the way of the rest of the Old Inf Bns - flushed away by the current ******* in power

Good luck newbie. Do join OTC - you will have fun.
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