Newbie Hey!

Hey everyone!

I've been sneaking through the website for a little while now and thought i should sign up and get involved.
I'm Jason from the midlands and im 20... haha its like an AA intro!

I'm currently an A/C and Refrigeration engineer and hoping to join up for my choices:

1. A/C+R Fitter
2. Pioneer
3. Armoured Engineer

I've just given my medical form back to my recruiter and expecting a response in the next few days! After my doc messed around with it for weeks! So looking forward to the interviews.

Few questions and opinions if poss?

1. Any tips or techniques for heaves, i just cant seem to manage more than 3, by the way my 1.5 mile run best time is 09.54, im adding more press ups and sit ups by the day, and regular 2 and 7 mile runs are getting easier, (2 miles when ive got no time)

2. What's the general opinion of me and my girlfriend lasting when i bugger off to basic and start my career. 8O

3. If any of you guy's are serving or have done, what's the best thing and worst with the army?

Cheers everyone!
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