Newbie ex-pat squaddie

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by charliec, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Ex-british squaddie, got my civvies on back in 1995. Got myself slotted into medical school. I think the powers-that-be thought I might come scuttling back as an army quack. WRONG!!! I'd had my fill of the life and happily chased civillian nurses.

    Now living it up in Australia, strutting my stuff in ED and the rescue choppers doing medevac. Diving in the warm ocean, getting better at surfing and now chasing Aussie nurses. I even catch some occasionally!!

    Writing this on the beach at my holiday gaff in 40 degree heat. Not sure I'll go swimming 'cos there's a Great White lurking around and I'm kind of attached to my limbs. Ain't life tough!
  2. Wow, I'm impressed, I'm reclined on a lazy boy watching the Boys from the Black Stuff with a bottle of JD Honey and a zip-loc bag with a 1/4 of primo chang in it.
  3. CharlieC, Go swimming.

    I read it as lady boy the first time.
  5. Maybe I will go swimming and see if I can scare the wee beastie away. I'd better crack another beer and think about it
  6. Admit it, you miss it. [After all isn't that why you are here..?]

  7. Reclining on a lady boy seemed to make sense
  8. To you maybe, Crocodile Dundee walt!
  9. You in Sydney at the moment?
  10. ****, yeah, I miss it. Wouldn't have gone back as a rupert though
  11. Mid-north coast at the mo.

    Live in Sydney.

    You a sydneysider?
  12. Eastern suburbs.
  13. Hi Guys,

    If you fancy getting Sydney Crawl up and running, I'm still off work and up for a day out!
  14. Lets translate this:

    I got booted out of the RCT after failing basic twice. I got a job as a porter in St Georges Hospital, Tooting. I tried to join the TA as a medic, but I failed the medical due to my acne and BO. But the St John's Ambulance took me on. There is one female in my ambulance troop. Ethel. She's 58 and lets me sniff her bicycle saddle sometimes.

    Now living in a bedsit in Morden above a Turkish supermarket. It's about 3 degrees at the moment but I can't afford to put any credit on the key meter. I'd go for a walk around the park but it's full of pit bulls, dog shit and muggers now. I'm kind of not wanting to get stabbed up. Ain't life shite...
  15. Few days RnR mid-north coast. Live in Sydney though. You a Sydneysider?