Newbie Can anyone help?

Hi, new to posting on forums! I saw a link to the WW1 Durham Light Infantry archives which led me here.
Can anyone please help me?
My grandfather was in the 10th Battalion of the DLI, which I understand was a section of the 14th Light Division, in turn part of the 43rd Brigade. He was a private, and his number was 12316. He landed in Boulogne 21st May 1915. I understand they MAY have amassed at St.Omer around the 25th May, and moved toward Ypres. My grandfather was killed at Ypres and his name is on the Menin Gate. After learning all I can, I believe he must have been killed in the the Attack on Hooge which began on 30th July 1915. He was killed (*Blown to bits* we children were always told) on 31st July 1915. This is cross referenced by what I have read on some sites by the fact that there was very heavy shell fire that day.
I am doing my ancestry, and I have found his medal roll cards , which obviously were given posthumously. I cannot find his service records or which part of the 10th battalion he was in. All I can tell you was that He used to breed Clydesdale horses in Linlithgow scotland, and had only recently married my grandmother in Seaham Durham, when he joined up. He had a son to her, my father, whom he saw just once at a week old. Daddy was born on the 19th June 1914 so I guess my grandpa may have already joined up , because my grandmother always said he just saw my father once.
I am trying to find out
1) when he would have joined up
2) where he would have been sent to
3) If he was present (wherever it was)when the King inspected the troups
4) If he was there (wherever it was) when Kitchener addressed the troups
5) There are at least 3 different dates given for Kitchener addressing the 14th Division? Don't know which is correct.
6) From some sites I learned that some of the trenches seem to have names. Where exactly would my grandfather have been on the night of 30th at Hooge? Where was the 10th battalion of the DLI on that night?
7)Is there actually a section on this site about the DLI in WW1 at Hooge?
are there any photos of the panels of the *A's* on the Menin Gate? I understand these are panels 36 & 38?
Many thanks. Sorry if posted in the wrong place!


Suggest a re-post in the Military History board with a more specific hint in the title, such as "DLI WW1 information sought". Good luck.
It's late so I will be brief.

10th (Service) Bn, DLI formed Newcastle 22/08/14.
Moved Newcastle to Woking, then Aldershot, then Witley, then back to Aldershot. Landed Boulogne 21/05/15.
King inspected Queen's Parade Aldershot 26/09/15. After subjects death.
Kitchener inspected/addressed at Hankley Common 11/05/15.
Will look in to other questions. What you need is a copy of the Battalion War Diary. I will look up it's TNA reference so that you can order the relevant section.
Won't say on here but I have the subjects name and medal card. Service record may have been lost during WWII not all WWI records exist.
I can help you find obituary from his local paper.
Email me at if you need more help.
Suggest a re-post in the Military History board with a more specific hint in the title, such as "DLI WW1 information sought". Good luck.
I will do that thank you
Sorry Pimpernel the link doesn't work? I have typed in 1)The Great war 1914-1918, 2)I have copied and pasted the whole link, and then 3) The Great War Forum, no results at all.
I do need the war diary of the 10th Battalion 1914-1916 but I can't find it online so far.
Where can I find the Military History Board?
Hi Link doesn't work. I rang the National archives and they now have most of the war diaries on line except for a few, and one of them is the 10th Battalion that has still to be done. Unless somebody has a copy and can scan it for me or if someone has already done that amnd put it online publicly, I am snookered it seems. It is terribly expensive for the NA at Kew to copy and send them and the won';t do it anyway. Anyone can go to Kew though and photograph the documents . Hopefully it won't be long before they are on line too. I am on the Great war forum, but cannot find the actual diaries on there.
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