Newbie be gentle :)

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Libby, May 19, 2007.

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  1. Hey just thought I would introduce myself! Im Libby! :D
  2. Oh dear.....
  3. Alright Libby? Mind if I call you "Single Mother Crack Whore"? It's my way of welcoming birds on here, especially those who are just looking for cock. Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of cock as much as the next bloke but I'm just not that keen on civvies.
  4. Do you take it up the hoop?
    Can your birth canal be stretched with little effort into a make-shift waterproof hat?
    Do you have several children by different fathers, with phonetically spelt names?
    Live in a council house off benefit?

    If so and you're looking for some easy c0ck pm me.

    editted to add: 21 year old geordie... *rubs hands gleefully* gimme 10 minutes, three condoms and some domestos
  5. hello Libby

    how did you get the name 'xlil_miss_naughtyx'
  6. Hello Libby. I'm a black man.
  7. Dont mind them Libby


    oh my dont you look gorgeous

    if those bad men give you a hard time

    pm me
  8. Hello Libby, I'm not a black man but you won't notice any difference
  9. Hi Libby i'm not a blackman.

  10. because I steal sweets from children
  11. Just to add that I'm not black either but my cock is.

    My girlfriend is eight and loves liquorice.
  12. ooooo some peeps are plain nasty lol

  13. What are you doing to me

    I was in with a chance
  14. Beautifully said Dale. I have just oozed pre-cum.