::Newbie:: Am I too old to join the REME?

Discussion in 'REME' started by cpubasher, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. Here you go my first post and I'm already dreading the responces :crazy:


    Im 39 years old with no previous army experience, except a short spell with 193 squadron RCT back in 1981 (6 months)
    I have been working with heavy ground support equipment at Heathrow for the past 13 years with Air Canada.
    I am experienced in anything from 80 tonne Douglas pushback tractors to MDL main deck loaders to 80volt SEB baggage tractors.

    I live just up the road in Bisley and was wondering what possibilities are on offer for someone like me in the British Army REME?

    Or am i finished and ready for the scrap bin.

  2. Yes you are too old, however, i'm not too sure on the TA side of life and if it's tours that you are after, that might be a viable option.

    Could you handle going through basic at 39?
  3. Too old for the Regs but the local TA Battalion will bite off your arm.. I can't remember which one it is but they are based in Crawley. CVHQ is in Bordon - why not give them a ring?

  4. cpubasher check your PMs
  5. BTW, welcome to the site - we are nice really!

  6. im 37 no experience in the armed forces but wish i could do somthing to help our forces and country, not sure doing what but welcome to any suggestions. i just feel so ******* useless
  7. hmm the only bloke above 30 on my CMSR(TA) was a doctor so im not sure whether you could get in so the best advice i can give is ask at the local TA unit but expect to be dissapointed
  8. Cpubasher do not believe Goku - he has a mental illness and fiddles with donkeys!!!
  9. cpubasher, advice given by Litotes is spot on. Suggest you contact CVHQ at Bordon - see REME TA web for further info, good luck.
  10. Get fit, join the TA.
    See the Health and Fitness forum.
  11. You are definately too old for regular service. The TA might accept you. You are outside their age group too, however, the CO can ask for a special enlistment for you. Got to REME TA website for further details.

    www.specialist-reme-ta.co.uk or phone 01420 489697