Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by GuardsmanTaylor, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi All im new to this site, anyone who has been Catterick could you give me any tips on what its like up there and some does and donts?

    Many thanks
  2. Just delete this thread. Delete your username. Come up with a less obvious alter ego and then use the search function.
  3. If the post is in the Int Cell are we allowed to suggest he kills himself?
  4. It's a long way up North. You've GOT to take your own ferret & flat cap, or the DS will beast you.
  5. I hope you're going to one of the lesser regiments like the Coldstream guards
  6. Take your own rifle (obviously) some comfortable shoes and your own bed.
    Call everyone "mate" Yorkshire folk are all so friendly they'll expect it from you. Be sure to tell the Head Chef in the restaurant about your favourite foods.He'll make sure you get it.
    If you have a car then you'll be able to go home every weekend.And during the week you and some of your room mates can go out to wine and dine in the finest foodie establishments that are in the area.
    Remember that any form of physical exercise is purely voluntary,the man asking you to go for a wee run at 0430 cannot make you go.
    Anything else you need to know - just ask.
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Thread Status:
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