New Zealand v Wales rugby

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. currently on Sky Sports 1

    oh, my mistake, it's England. whats occuring with the black outfits, lads? asheamed of your tarditional strip.....
  2. It's so the Welsh blood doesn't show up on the strip.
  3. Just as ashamed as you Trogs. Your change strip is Black now. LOL
  4. yeah, i just heard that. ho-hum. good match though, shame about Stobbards leg but hats off to Kerr for halting play so he could get treated
  5. Looked a nasty one when I rewound it on Sky+. Timing sucks as well, fair play to the Taffs they played well. England never seemed to really get going.
  6. Not a bad score then if they never even seemed to get going, always amazes me how we are so good at slagging off our sports teams (although tot be fair the England Footy team do deserve most of what they get) even when they win. So the Taffs played well, England never seemed to get going yet we beat them nicely. Bodes well for the World cup then i think.
  7. The Kiwi media are trying hard to fire up the outrage bus over here about Englands black strip. Every time a kiwi mentions it to me I just point out that the AB's have had a change strip of white before and enquire what their football team wear. Accompanied with a large smile and a "Go fcuk yourself" of course.