new zealand sas

New Series started tonight on National Geographic, about New Zealand SAS selection and training, Tuesdays 10pm, A good show worth a nosey. Just thought some peeps might be interested.
Yes, they're sneaky beaky until the last minute then they all stand up and do a Haka. Added bonus, no Ross Kemp.
Watched this last night and was seriously impressed. Been on some tough courses in my time but the way that the guys got given tougher things to do whilst already on their uppers certainly sorted them out (6 left out of 50 after 10 days). The bit on day 9 when they were already knackered and had to carry a 5 gallon jerrycan as well as a 45 pound pack must have nearly killed them - then they had to do a 60km yomp!
NZ SAS he claimed?

what was the best thing about getting a haircut at papakura eh? eh? ( its a boathouse colour type thing :wink: )
Just watched the first two episodes courtesy of Sky +. Fcuking Hell!!
That looks one fcuker of a course, even when they start their 'cycle' they still get their arrses ragged all over the shop.
Seem to be one bad bunch of basstards!
Worked with them once. Had a CQMS with about five 7.62 mm holes in him from Vietnam. (chest and belly) - didn't appear to have had any effect on him at all. They struck me as very, very good and very, very hard. ISTR that their snipers are allowed to basically wander about the hills at home with their military issue rifles, blowing away assorted fauna in order to 'keep their skill levels up' (although this may be complete balls). Unlike our SAS, they were also mostly 'rather large gentlemen'. (ie, feckin huge).
Wonder if any of our blokes have been over there and done their course and vice-versa. There's bound to have been the usual secondments and the 'our course is tougher than your course' would have been on the agenda I imagine.

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