New Zealand Purchase Replacement Trucks from RMMV

I see they also bought MAN tractor units. Something we should of looked into more but then we have too many Oshkosh tractor units doing nothing.
I took the Uruguayan DA round Leyland DAF in the early 90s - they offered fast delivery by taking trucks off the UK order, then in production, and simply extending delivery time to the Brits - perhaps MAN have done the same for the New Zealanders?
I doubt MAN did that. In fact I think the last SV's were delivered before the order of NZ was finalized. I know the firm that produced the SV UST variant finished their delivery back in 2010. I'm sure UORman will confirm though.

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They were not on loan as you put it. They were "surplus" 15t cargo variants for us pulled off the production line and hook arm equipment bolted on. We own them whatever variant they ending up being. HDLC was going to replace DROPS or whatever the program ended up being called but from a PowerPoint presentation I saw the other day, I think we will just ending up buying EPLS SV. After all EPLS has proved itself in both it's capability and armour protection in HERRICK, why try and re-invent the wheel?!

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