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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DISCOS, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. Guys,
    Looking at doing some travelling to New Zealand late end of this year for a month at least to tour both Islands maybe get some work at some point.
    Having looked at the majority of the web sites were would any of you in the know recommend visiting?
    Any info most welcome
  2. Try for general NZ info

  3. Cheers Nige, I have got quite abit of general info, looking for more first hand experiences, inside info if you like.

    Thanks again

  4. Decided to go for broke and will land in Auckland on the 5th of October, anyone who has any contacts or web pages in Telecomms recruitment please send me some info and a pint or five will come your way.
  5. Take the first possible flight to Brisbane and stay there. Bris-Vegas !!!!
  6. Definitlly concentrate on the South Island, it's absolutely gorgeous - I'm from wellington so not biased! Make sure you get to Queenstown, it's unmissable, fab for action sports such as White water rafting, bungy jumping (gotta do this!!!!) and great skiing at cadrona if you have time. Take the ferry from Weelington to Blenhiem as well if you have time, also some really good vineyards around that area if your in to that.

    In the North Island, don't spend to much time in the citys esp auckland (yep i am biased here!) it's nice, but just another big city really. Rotorua (otherwise known as Rotovegas!!) is quite interesting from a purely touristy point of view gysers and shit and an awesume 1km downhill luge and some great natural hotpools!!

    Try this site

    and feel free to PM me if you have any mopre questions!

    Congrats on your choice of destination!!
  7. At last some decent info!!!!
    Please check your pm's
  8. If you're looking at touring North Island, head up towards the Bay of Islands and try somewhere like the town of Russell. Fairly quiet but good for the touristy bits. I spent three weeks in NZ last Dec/Jan and travelled all around North Island.

    If you're looking for work then Auckland/Wellington are really going to be your only bets. About three quarters of the population of NZ live in or around AKL - having said that, it's not exactly buzzing. For the interior of North Island think 1950's mid west America - right wing christianity and inbreeding, for Wellington - think Torquay. Didn't manage to get to South Island (had lost the will to live by the time we had got to Wellington), so I can only hope that it is better.

    I have to agree with The_Guru, head for Oz.
  9. I never made the South Island either on account of some wine festival:- no rooms or hire cars to be had. Mates that have been there say I really missed some experiences.Ditto SFB above,you will be going back in time.I saw cars like Cortinas,Corsairs,Anglias and asked where the car rally was,to be told that there was no rally,these were their transportation!
    Get to Lake Taupo and Taupo town itself,and the Craters of the Moon natural sulphur springs nearby.(North Island) Great town.
    Have fun and lots of Steinlager.

  10. BOLLOCKS to ya both :x :x
  11. Cheers for the info gents, but will have to see for myself, dont like the bit about inbreeding, abit of fresh blood wont do them any harm then eh.
  12. :D :D :D :D :D
  13. Went to New Zealand about 3 years ago and a couple of things I enjoyed on my trip were swimming with seals just of the coast of the Abel Tasman National Park and walking on the Franz Josef Glacier.
  14. Have to agree with Supergal. Auckland is great for a night out- don't forget there is the icebar among other things.

    Go north from there and it is like going back to 1984. White sandals and blue eyeshadow galore. Not my cup of tea. Beer is a bit pants to be honest, but survivable.

    Rotorua STINKS!!!!!! :puker: But you get used to the eggy smells after a couple of days. Get yourself off black water rafting and leap down the highest waterfall you can. You can play for a long time here doing all your outdoor sports and crap yourself to your hearts content.

    South Island for the scenery, glaciers etc and Queenstown is a great place to play. :hump:

  15. I went to New Zealand was closed.

    But seriously, if you want a good night out in NZ, try one of the Maori biker bars, it'll be a night you wont forget in a hurry.