New Zealand Butter

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Johnny_Norfolk, Jul 16, 2006.

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  1. I see the EU is now going to ban the import of New Zealand butter to the UK.

    You see we have no control of what happens in our country.

    Why can we not be left alone to run our own country.?
  2. Its Mandleson, that paragon of virtue, who as long as he has 9 inches of brazilian up him does not care about anything else. Apparently the Jerries put him up to it and in his role as EU commissioner of Business (qualified by his familarity with bent morgages and rent boys), he obliged.
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    This is starting to sound like the Yes Minister episode where EEU were going to ban the British Sausage. Trouble is, this is for real.

    My personal opinion is that NZ is part of the Commonwealth and therefore deserves the preferential treatment currently afforded to them. The only reason that the European countries want it banned is because they have never had an empire to turn into a Commonwealth.

    As for Mandelson, he has shown how reliable he is and how much integrity he has, sweet feck all. Who would have thought it, Anchor banned by a W@nker.
  4. It never fails to amaze me what they will do. In the past we have had the E U telling us that....
    Banana's are too curved and should be straighter
    Cucumbers aint curved enough
    Apples should be square, as should tomatoes.

    I kid you not! :x
  5. Nearly all the other European countries had empires. The reason why they do not have anything like the Commonwealth is because the style of rule over their dominions reflected their national and personal traits i.e. they were utter cnuts and the locals hated them (and still do).

    Normally, before a ban is instigated, there is a protracted period of negotiations, maybe increased tariffs and then finally a ban. Could it have anything to do with the fact that NZ was on our side in WW2 and is of predominantly white stock (thus the Europeans hate them and Mandy has no interested as there is no 'meat' that interests his ring).
  6. Great opportunity for butter smugglers though
  7. What was the name of that film where Marlon Brando used butter to ........
    Possibly too salty for Mandy's TASTE?
  8. A Last Tango in Paris

    utter filth.
  9. Exactly, they wouldn't stand out at all; they'd melt into the background. :)
  10. As a kiwi I find this another kick in the teeth by the europeans(mainland). Coming from a dairy farming family background this is not good, the EU is a major market(NZ$264 million) and again european arrogance and selfishness is here to knock us kiwis down. Britain is the major foothold for NZ products in the EU and from what I have read in many British media outlets(not tabloids) is that the EU is not popular with many. When you Brits went into the EEC we were a bit upset but it did help us diversify our dairy exports, but from what I have read is that you only wanted market access not political control from Brussels. If only the EU commisoners could take a look outside Brussles and vist NZ war graves to remember kiwis died in defense of their freedoms.
    As someone who is considering joining the NZ Army(LAV's) or maybe the British Army(Tankie) i hope the europeans on the mainland can look and see what we have done for them before being selfish and protectionist because of thier inefficant farms and effectivly in many cases thier economeies, and by looking at the fact that the Pound is still thier and not the Euro shows that Britain knows better and can run its economy well. Although Gordon Brown may destroy this good economy soon with his taxes. :(
  11. Please, please, please tell me they have more important and more pressing issues on their "TO DO" list Did we do go to war againt Mr Hitler to let the EEU run our lives????
    Come to think of it, there is a slight similarity between Mandleson and Adolf?? any paint shop experts care to assist???
  12. spotadick

    a previous poster here had it right, the UK's relations with its former Colonies/freinds is by and large good to excellent, the rest of mainland Europes is shite. PLUS they are jealous as fcuk because our former Colonies/freinds by and large are first world havens that you wouldn't mind living in. They hate to be reminded that the 'anglosphere' won and their efforts turned out ARRSE.

    No Brit will allow the EU to stop NZ butter lining our arteries, don't worry
  13. I always buy NZ butter , new world wine and lamb fcuk the Euro zone.
  14. Had a friend who worked in a Welsh Buttery, they used to get huge slabs on NZ Anchor butter, add more salt and re-package it as 'Welsh butter'.
    In tiny print on the label it used to say, 'contents from more than one country'.
    So don't worry, we'll still get it - only it'll cost more...