New Zealand bars former British Soldiers fat wife

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 17, 2007.

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  1. In full
  2. And why the feck should NZ tax payers be expected to pay for someones bad lifestyle choices? And she's Welsh which is far more worrying.
  3. If she don't like it she can always move back to Wales - tough siht! I'm a fat cnut myself - if you don't like it - lose weight! Whining kunt!!!
    It's wrote in black and white - so what if you're a astronaut, a dolphin trainer or a fookin bell tuner - read what it says on the tin. Does she have ginger hair too?
  4. They have their own fatties, why import ours??? Christ, have you seen the size of some of those Maori women, they make Jonah Lomu look anorexic FFS.
  5. They are afraid that NZ will sink
  6. I particularly like the fact that when his wife was refused entry, he went anyway!

    Good skills.
  7. Does the UK have a similar policy? Or would that breach the Human Right of somebody to be composed of 75% Lard?
  8. Then again the hubby might have paid off the immigration inspector to keep her out. It could be money well spent.
  9. Good drills,that. She should also be required to lose that cacaphonous speech impediment commonly know as a "lilt" .
  10. 'Tackles' McCaw-BMI of 30.3 (he's obese then!)
    Jerry Collins-BMI of 30.0 (also supposedly obese)
    Dan Carter-BMI 27.9 (Supposedly overweight)

    Brian Habana-BMI of 28 (Supposedly overweight and the fastest sprinter in Int Rugby).

    BMI is a flawed system that doesn't take into account muscle mass.
  11. Sorry, but she looks more like Miss Piggy than a rugby player.
  12. Was she wearin Ron Hills,troop sweatshirt and white stillettos at the Interview ?
  13. Do welsh People wear kilts Now then ? see photo...
  14. Funny how she is referred to as 'fat', as if it's subjective whether she is or not. No really, she is fat.
  15. I'm not disputing that at all. I was just highlighting the fact that the BMI System is flawed.