New YouTube Video - British Forces Honoured

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by RFUK, May 19, 2007.

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  1. I realise a lot of remembrance/tribute videos have popped up recently, but I've always posted links to my videos on here.

    In this video, I've tried to communicate to Joe Public some of the obvious and less obvious pain that soldiers and ex soldiers may experience, with a particular slant towards the ongoing Iraq & Afghanistan conflicts. I hope it's respectful and not too much.

    Please be aware that the content will be upsetting and if you currently have family away on tour, I'd urge you not to view. For those of you who wish to, here is the link.

    If I've missed out a loved one in this video, please email me any pictures you may have and they'll be included in the next video. My email address is

    Criticism is very much appreciated.
  2. Thanks RFUK, nicely done without being theatrical. Certainly makes 'you' think.
  3. Fantastic video yet again. Very powerful and emotional.
    I like the way you have brought to light the suffering afterwards, no one has done that really

    I liked the zooming effects that you used, better than the normal straight forward zoom where it looses sight of the important things in the picture.
    Nice use of the fades aswell!
    Also just the right mix of colour and greyscale.
    Again fantastic video, well done mate.
  4. I think I've got something in my eye. Thanks RFUK.
  5. Some really powerful images there RFUK, great video.
  6. My lappy is shite, so I am getting it e-mailed to me. It's taking forever, but if it makes me cry.......
  7. Cow

    Cow LE

    Wars a right b@stard isn't it. We wait all our careers for it to come along and then it's the last thing we want.
  8. Stop being a prick or I will hit you.

    Someone has had RFUK off, nicked his video footage and put some other stuff with it.

    He is not a happy chappy.......
  9. Mate that was amazing

    I cat think of one person who wouldnt be moved

    or impressed by it

    well done
  10. I can. blair.
    Ah..... but then again he doesn't really count as a 'person' does he, more of a bacterium.

    RFUK - again you've excelled yourself. Superb. Thank you.

  11. I kind of thought that myself, but I reckoned it would be impolite to

    comment on the Prime Minister of someone elses Country
  12. You're right it may be disrespectful anywhere else, hedgie, it's fair to say bliar's only supporters are a few bubonic plague ridden associates - so crack on! :twisted:
  13. Nearly there.... 954 kb left to go.

    If it makes me cry, you are toast.
  14. I hate you.

    I have a little bit of grit in my eye that just won't go.

    BDFL for you me'lad.
  15. Powerful tribute to the brave guys and gals, pity it will never reach national coverage. Well done RFUK.