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Coming off tour towards the end of the year and planning a holiday for PODL.Thinking about New York towards the end of Nov, start of Dec.Any arrsers got any recomendations of hotels, things to do?

Or alternitavly any ways of getting discounts on what looks like a chuffing expensive holiday!

Cheers all.


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December is the most expensive time of the year for a trip to NY. I am going with my OH early in Dec and staying in the New Yorker Hotel near Madison Square Gardens.


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I went late Nov 2003, stayed at The Wellington on 7th Ave, 2 blocks down from Central Park. Not too bad, each room is more like a small flat, decent bar at the bottom. Plenty to do in NY, Empire State, Heli trip round Manhattan, Ground Zero plus the museums. Ice Hockey is always good for a laugh at MSG. Plus if you are going at that time, they are just getting into the Chrimbo theme too.
I took the frau in April. 7 nights in the Millennium Broadway off Times Square for $1200 (Reduced from $6000 via with complementary upgrade on arrival due to Brit Army address on credit card booking. Return flights from Heathrow £280 pp with Delta. Result. Enjoyed it that much we're going back next year. Have fun!

I've been there on Thanksgiving weekend and the tourist traffic isn't really much worse than any other time. The big event is actually on the Friday with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The Route is always packed (From Central Park West, down Broadway to the Macy's store on 34th St) but when I was there we saw it from the top of the Empire State Building. This not only provided us with a really novel view, but because every other tourist in the city was watching the parade from the street there was hardly any queue to get to up there.

It you and the Frau are planning on shopping, the "Black Friday" sales is when you get the best bargains. Last year I got a pair of Brooks Brothers suits for $400 when they're normally $800-$1000 each.

Don't pay for a boat tour around Liberty Island- take the free Staten Island Ferry. In fact, most of the most famous places are free to get into. (Liberty Island is a notable exception if you actually want to go there.) Go and take a look around Grand Central Station. It never fails to impress.

Generally speaking, like with most places, if you stick to the tourist areas like Times Square, your wallet is going to get an arse-raping. The subway is cheap and so are cabs (compared to London). Just be aware that the cabbies will expect a cross-street location (7th St & Ave B, for example) rather than an address.

With that in mind:
Katz's Deli (from the fake orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally, Donnie Brasco, Across the Universe) is on the corner of Houston and Ludlow. They've been sending their salami to GI's since WWII.

The Sunburnt Cow in Alphabet City (8th St and Ave C) does a $18 Sunday brunch with all you can drink Bloody Marys or Mimosas (AKA Bucks Fizz) which sets you up nicely for the day and Monday has an all you can drink for a 2 hour period for $20. On the downside, lots of Australians.

Aside from that, just get the Hell away from Times Square to eat/drink, because once flight/accom is taken care of, that's your biggest expense. Try the West Village and Little Italy and just look for the little mom and pop restaurants. SoHo and Tribeca can catch you out if you're not careful, but get yourself a Zagat Guide (About $10 from Amazon.)


Coming off tour towards the end of the year and planning a holiday for PODL.Thinking about New York towards the end of Nov, start of Dec.Any arrsers got any recomendations of hotels, things to do?

Or alternitavly any ways of getting discounts on what looks like a chuffing expensive holiday!

Cheers all.
As crabby says, stay away from Times Square for eating/drinking. There are loads of great bars and resturants in New York, so there is no excuse for falling into the usual tourist traps. SoHo and the Village etc are definately worth a look.

It is always worth buying a Lonley Planet, Time Out or Zagat guide before you go.

BTW - you do know you are going during "Brit Week"?
Here's a thought: instead of a hotel, take a look at websites like or and take a look at the apartments on there. You might well get more for your money, you'll get a more authentic NY experience and the missus will feel like she's in an episode of Friends. You can also save some money by self catering.

A friend of mine lived a couple of doors from this place:
New York City holiday apartment rental, East Village with air con
It's in the E Village, bordering Tompkins Square Park. The subway is about 5-6min walk. Jimi Hendrix used to play there and the writer Alan Ginsberg lived close by too. Some really great little local restaurants, including a really cheeky little Spanish place on St Mark's Place. There aren't many supermarkets in Manhattan, just lots of little grocers, butchers, bakers etc... just like the old days. ;)
Helmslley Park Lane Hotel, opp Central Park. A must visit, The Carneige Deli on 7th Avenue for breakfast.

Just wondering, Darling, roughly how old are you? It might help us figure out the kind of places you might want to go.
Cheers for all the advice so far. Im 24, the missus is 21.Shes already going all twinkly eyes thinking about Christmas episodes of friends and the like.
Excellent. Give us a shout when you find out where you're staying and I'll have my sources come up with some local nightlife that won't make you weep when the bar tab arrives.
Do not go to New York in any month that even comes close to winter, it's ******* cold.

It's a fantastic city, bit if you are Brit, you have no idea how cold it can be. Bosnia visitors excluded maybe.

It really is a great place, it won't disappoint, just only go in summer, did I say that already? :D
I am from the Boston area now but when I was a small lad my dad worked in NYC in 30 Rockefeller Plaze and I got in there frequently. About 15 years ago the wife was in a USN Reserve unit that met in NYC so my son and I would go down with her and see sights while she did Navy stuff all day. I still get down occasionally due to relatives in the city. I few thoughts:

It is cold then, yes it is but warmer than Boston. I still have a nose and 10 fingers and it is much warmer than Montreal.

Staten Island Ferry - It is either free or very cheap and has a great view of the harbor.

Rockefeller Center - Really nice between Thanksgiving (Nov 25th this year) and New Years. Lots of decorations, huge tree, lovely skating rink where you can rent skates. National Broadcasting Co. (NBC) has its headquarters there and you may be able to get tickets for watching shows live. Also in Rockefeller Center is Radio City Music Hall where they put on a spectacular stage show with the Rockette dancers. Tix can be pricey, especially after Thanksgiving. Lots of great shops in the area, Saks 5th Avenue is across the street. Also across the street is St Patrick's Cathedral (RC but whatever your religion, lovely church)

There is another much larger skating rink in Central Park which also IIRC, rents skates. Wollman Rink is the name.

USO - is a great outfit which helps US military and families and I think does the same for visiting allies. Bring your MOD (some number) card. It does not hurt to ask. They often have discount or free tickets to Broadway shows or athletic events. Check out USO of Metropolitan New York > Home
Their office is in the big Port Authority bus terminal . The website has a list of places giving military discounts.

Cable Car - A commuter cable car runs from 59th St on East Side to Roosevelt Island, once a gov't complex, now apartments. The ride is IIRC $2.25 each way and worth it for the view of the river and New York (nothing to see on the island itself.)

Hope you have a great time!!!
Tip 1 - Breakfast - any coffee shop will do you coffee and bagels with bacon, egg, smoked salmon chees etc. If you and her spend more than 8$ on breakfast I would be surprised.

Tip 2 - Lunch. Loads of places do a 24 hour buffet. And you pay by weight so ease up on the green shite and go heavy on the seafood:). Again - more than 10$ and I will be surprised.

Tip 3 - Dinner. ANY bar in NY will do you food - fecking great portions of it. Corned beef and mashed tatties are a particular favourite (and the corned been isn't Fray Bentos it is proper scoff and called corned because of the way it weas salted).

Manhattan is really easy to get around and take the tourist buses for the day and night trip. Don't bother with hiring a car. Taxis but better still the Metro do much better.

If you insist on spending money there are loads of cracking restaurants.

Oh and just take spare underwear - you will buy all of your clothes there. But take a heavy jacket. NY is normally really cold at that time of year. Check out what is happening at the Madisopn Square Gardens for concerts, basket ball etc

And my oldest is posted to the Big Apple with his company so I get free accomodation.
Just stopped over in NYC after picking up my cruise liner and by god was it hot. I stayed at the Raddison off Lexington & 49st. We got a 48hr hop on hop off tour bus & tickjet up the Empire State for $70 each which is a bargin and eat at the small coffee/diners its really cheap. As for car hire forget it as all the drivers are completly mad sepecially the taxi drivers. If you have a decent pair of trainers you couls walk most of it if your that way inclined. Statue of Liberty cruise is expensive and you have to pre book to get a ticket if you want to go up it. A decent camera with good zoom lens is good enough to some good shots. The theatre is about $140+ each. 3 days and you could do all you need to do in NYC to see it all.


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Or alternitavly any ways of getting discounts on what looks like a chuffing expensive holiday!

Cheers all.
Carry your I.D. card
Most places Empire State etc give decent Forces discounts
Drop just back from Afghanistan into the conversation now and then it'll work wonders


If your going up the Empire State (you will) - do it at about 0200 hrs to miss the masses. Take in a show and get cheap tickets by booking on the day at the ticket bucket shop which had moved to just off Times Square but may be back on there after the rebuild. The 2 day City Bus Open top thingy is a great way to see everything, even in the cold (I first went in Feb).
Top tip - the queues for attractions like the Empire State Building can be horrendous. Book in advance on the internet if you can.

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