New York Manhattan, Anyone been?

Hi all,

Looking to taking the mrs to Manhattan for a few days. Now we all know the Yanks are massive on their troops, and they receive big big discounts. Has anyone been recently and saved much by being a member of her majestys finest? Im asking, not because im a pikey, but I have heard Virgin Atlantic offer good deals along with military discounts for hotels etc.

Ok I am a pikey. Cheers!
Try to fly to Newark and not Newyork it's a hell of a lot closer to Manhatten , not such a good time now as the pound is low against the dollar, But Ny is some cracking town, the people are great and theres a lot to see if you do the tourist thing. Im lucky i have friends there so I can't help on hotels
On the really basic end of the spectrum you could try the Soldiers', Sailors', Marines' and Airmen's Club on Lexington Avenue:

It is hostel standard with shared bathrooms, but is cheap and in a very central location. I stayed there with the missus a couple of years and our 2 person room came with steel framed military type single beds. Bit like staying in the block at the weekend.
i managed to get myself there for £662 for 5 nights 6 days in a 4* on w34 street, next to the empire state building, flying into newark, that was without any discount and when the dollar wasn't as weak

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