New York cops shoot at unarmed coloured chap 50 times.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TheLordFlasheart, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. Things may get a bit ugly over the next few days in NYC.

    Here's the BBC report;

    BBC News
  2. Why 50 times? Did he run out of ammo :D
  3. Semmy

    Semmy Old-Salt

    Whats more worrying is that an estimated 50 rounds were fired but both targets were only wounded :?
  4. Not wounded - one was shot dead

  5. Taz_786

    Taz_786 LE

    On the poor man's wedding day no less.

  6. earlier report

    looks like those boys in blue need more time on the ranges.

    looks like its going to be a hot winter in NY.
  7. Just imagine what they would have done had he been South American and running to get on the Metro whilst wearing a heavy jacket!
  8. A screen for a new series of Trigger Happy TV perhaps?

    Seriously, poor bloke though, on his wedding day.....
  9. Still, at least he wasn't chained to a lamp post bollox naked, pelted with flour and had his nuts greased.
  10. LineDoggie

    LineDoggie Crow

  11. LineDoggie

    LineDoggie Crow

  12. 31 times?

    2 reloads? 1 up the spout and 2 full mags? That's a lot of trigger time.

    Were the Officers being engaged at the time?
  13. He had a stoppage, changed mag and then emptied it into the car.
  14. Could be 1 reload, Glock 17 mag has 17 rounds therefore 2 mags = 34 rounds?
  15. No but the groom was.