new yeomanry squadron

Does anyone know when the new yeomanry squadron planned for Edinburgh is likely to start recruiting and if its to be an HQ squadron what roles will be available?
I believe it will be in place for Oct 2014. If it will be a TA HQ Sqn or as it is; currently more of an RHQ full of permanant staff sort of affair like it is in Telford (currently RMLY).

We have not really had a HQ Sqn; MS Sqn are the recce / RHQ comms lot. But only really because they were INF previously and never really came on board with the whole CR2 jobs.

Jobs wise im not sure what you can expect.

But even if you apply now, the likely hood is it will be established and up and running before you even get to selection centre!
The last time there was a "Children of the Corn" (look up the badge for L & B Horse) it was an HQ element QMs etc but they also managed to field a Troop of Recce vehicles as well, quite where they are going to be based is going to be interesting though, the TAC they used the last time is now part of the piping school

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