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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Jan 1, 2005.

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  1. Tony Bliar: "Violent crime is down 26 per cent, though changes in recording violent crime has put recorded crime statistics up"


    Let's look at what "changes in recording" did to the Home Office recorded crime stats:


    Let's now look at the British Crime Survey data, remembering that a: it's a survey carried out in a similar way as market research, and b: was set up to try to bridge the gap between recorded offences & actual offences, but has failed to do the latter:


    So unless Our Benevolent Leader actually means ""Violent crime is down 26 per cent since Neue Arbeit came to power according to the British Crime Survey, though changes in recording violent crime has put recorded crime statistics up for the changeover year (1999) where both calculating methods were used, thereby I think that I can discard the rise in recorded violent crime in the 5 years since the changeover because I know that most people will not look at the actual figures and will believe whatever I say"

    Tw@t. And expect more of this bull excreta before the General Election...
  2. I can't even believe that you are in the slightest bit surprised. Statistics can proove that 'a million to one shot can happen nine times out of ten' !! :roll:
  3. I think its important to remember that "violent crime" is a bit of a misnomer.

    Not only does it incorporate such things as GBH its also covers "harresment", legislation brought in to deal with "stalkers" but infact mainly used in neighbour disputes that would not have been crimed at all in the past. A row in the street over a parking place can become a "violent crime". In addition vast numbers of people seem to think they can be "verbally assualted" whcih leads to large numbers of unslovable parking disputes being recorded as section 5 public order act offences or similar..

    In addition zero tolerence of domestic violence and the much increased use of police officers in schools has led to an unintended "trawl" for crime. What would have been a playground fight five years ago will now often be an ABH allegation that, as it will have been sorted (quite sensibly in my view) at school level will often be recorded as "unsolved" because it has not led to an arrest and caution or charge.

    Ditto the victim of domestic violence who does not wish the assualt to go to court after having called police and will not give a statement, this again can lead to an "unsloved violent crime".

    In the last year the home office has gone back to wanting such matters considered "solved" maybe because of the rise in the stats but if the perpertrator is not in scene when police arrive this can't happen because the suspect has to be told that the mater "is recorded as a clear up against you"

    Crime Figures are all pants and the main losers are the public as so much time is spent by police collecting information for home office researchers to mull over.

  4. Part

    Is it research-based or just to make things look better for police to reinforce Uncle Tone's claim to be tough on crime?
  5. They always say 90% of stats are made up, so tends to make you think they are making them up to suit there own end yet again
  6. 95.283% of stats are made up on the spot. And I should know.

    Anyone who believes a word from any of the political parties is a fool. Fact.

  7. Agreed, but they ignore the electors at their peril, we are not all brainwashed and more importantly, its time for all of them to get out and vote, whatever their political persuasion.

    The present prawns in power , do not represent 50% of the electrolate and have a massive majority in the house to do their will.

    This first past the post system, is now not an option, never thought I would say that, but now it is not in the Nation's interest.

    Time to change, B-liars dynasty is not good news for UK PLC.

    Bodica put your name on the ballot and shift this dross from power :x
  9. Benjamin D'Israeli:
    :) :)
  10. Making an note of that one now.........
  11. 100% of all heroin addicts started out on milk!!
  12. OK

    For some reason the end was cut off, should be " ~Fred Menger, chemistry professor (1937- )"