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New years resolutions!

Gain ultimate power in the UK through slaughtering thousands of people. Turn Britain into a Facist state which I will rule with an iron fist...

...unless Mandelson beats me to it. :twisted:
Bollock-chops said:
20 mins for 3 miles wearing lightweights and boots? is above average.

Wearing shorts and trainers you are bordering on poor/good newby.
Read the post again, fcukwit. He's also going to get a new car and get laid in that timeframe.
Sparky2339 said:
To try and NOT laugh at Werewolf et al, when the Hoops pump the Huns on Sunday.


(Havn posted this we'll probably get reamed...)

Yep, you've done it now, we'll get gubbed and my blue nosed sister in law will be round her to collect 20 notes.

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