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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ABrighter2006, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. I never have to make resolutions - how could I possibly improve myself in this way?

  2. Don't like to get involved, but encourage the partner to, and pizz myself when they fail.

  3. I make two or three each year and keep to them.

  4. I concentrate my efforts into one mother' of a resolution and stick to it.

  5. I make resolutions, stick to them for varying amounts of time and fail everyone before the year is o

  6. By 00:15 New Year's Day, I have failed each one in spectacular style, normally to the embarrass

  1. Normally make a few and break a few more, so just thinking about the coming 12 months and wondering:

    What resolutions will ARRSEr's make this year?

    How confident are you, that you will keep to your resolution?

    What's the most stupid resolution you've ever made, and the quickest failure to keep to one? :D

    And for the seriously minded - What resolutions should HMG stick to during the coming year where the military are concerned?
  2. give up smoking - for the 12th time and fail after a month as usual!!

    drink less - fail on first day normally :D

    when having sex with missus, try to satisfy her instead of myself - again - first day fail :D :D
  3. lose weight....nah feckit, pass the pies!
  4. Promote world peace.

    And win the swimsuit competition, of course.
  5. Dont worry mate I do that for her :twisted:
  6. ah you're the blighter who bust her ringpiece last week :D
  7. To concentrate on whats the question ???
  8. Try to fcuking cut down on swearing - oh BOLL0CKS! :twisted:
  9. Allways to get fitter... always end up so wrecked on Jan 1st I can't even walk from my bed/the gutter to the bathroom... nevermind get a decent BFT time.

  10. Going to try and stop murdering people this year
  11. My New Year resolution is to stop kidnapping young girls from the Algarve; I can't believe how much fuss was created over the last one. I haven't even been able to dispose of the body - the smell is driving me mental.
  12. To spend less time on Arrse boring everyone else...

    Doh! :D

  13. To try to act my age and not my boot size....just for a change.
    Never happen John!

    Happy New Year to all ARSSErs, and by the same token, to all who serve.

    Slainthe M'hath!!
  14. What they said.

    I also promise to try and be nice to people, and not put them under the patio.

    I refuse to give up smoking, drinking and eating though. That's just for losers.
  15. when did you last eat something bigger than a bogey?