New Years Resolutions - Happy 2004 !!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Gunny Highway, Dec 31, 2003.

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  1. Another year over 8O. Another 365 days to go :eek: ! After a difficult year for myself, these are my resolutions for 2004:

    1. Get fit or at least lose the 2 stone I procured this year alone (no comments Mighty) !!

    2. Make more money from my business.

    3. Visit my immediate family more this year.

    4. Plan a house move from Manchester to North Yorkshire late 2004.

    5. Give up with floozies, and start dating nice girlies with a view to settling down 8).

    Anyone else made any resolutions?

    Happy New Year to all on ARRSE (except Blondedick) and I sincerely hope 2004 brings you all, good health, wealth and happiness !!

    Gunny Highway
  2. You forgot to mention 'Stop putting phallic shaped objects up your hoop'

    Or you going to give that up next year :D
  3. Well its Thursday - what’s new ?

    Last week it was Merry Thursday - This week , Happy New Thursday.

    I hope you all have many more Thursdays in 2000 whatever it is

  4. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Surely it is next year GH was referring to!!!!!! Perhaps you meant 2005?

    Anyway - a Guid New Year to all of you. I hope you get the promotions you want, not the demotions you deserve, stay safe & happy as you can be.
    Enjoy life to the full - it is the only one you have.
  5. Lets hope 2004 sees the back of Tony Laurel and his band of fu**wits



    And his slag of a baby killing wife :D

  6. Seeing as the Chinese have there "year of the whatever" calendar I would like to deem this year

    "the year of the British military" for all our current serving personel, and also (now this is a biggie :lol: ) that our political masters will do all the right things for them , so well deserved.

    A happy and prosperous new year to you all and your families.
  7. [​IMG]

    May your 2004 be filled with good luck, happiness, love, and friendship.

    Lotsa Love,

    Lifey x x
  8. I'll raise a glass or several to you lot later this evening.

    "Alles gute im neuen jahr"

    :D :D :D :D :D :D
  9. I can help you with four of them........ Cost ya though!

    My resolutions are to:

    1. Carry on smoking.
    2. Carry on drinking.
    3. Oh - and actually put some weight on.

    You know how to get fit don't ya?
    Yes I will sell meself for ya.
    Got a cracking property for ya.
    And its all mine - so I must be a lovely girlie!!

    Happy New Year Gunny M'Boy!!!!

    And Everyone Else who is nice.

    The Snail x
  10. My resolution is to spend the next 6 months in the sandy sh*thole.

    Think I'm going to fulfil this one.
  11. Don't forget the packing list! (The real one that we all gave you I mean!).
  12. Got all the kit, start packing tomorrow.
  13. What are you taking? And when are you going? Only pack the night before.
  14. Packing tomorrow just to make sure it all fits in the available space.
  15. New Years Resolutions.......
    Not to f*ck up this time back in the fold, it's cold outside. 8O
    To be nicer to my neighbours, not flood their bathroom every month. :oops:
    Stop swearing in front of my small son, people are starting to think he's a midget sailor due to bad language. :roll:
    Take ex-hubby off dartboard, rotten flesh starting to smell. :twisted:
    Plan hit on inbreeding Nottinghamshire f*ck wit, and honouree Nottinghamshire f*ck wit. :twisted:
    See the sun more often, and worship with more regularity. 8)
    Listen to my doctor, and then disregard advice. :?
    Be nice to MPD sufferers. :?

    Happy Holidays and a Very Drunk New Year to All!!!!