New years resolution

Discussion in 'REME' started by Nutter, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. i know this might seem like a just ta thing but as its also about reme i thought i might post here first hoping you might have the answer or someone who is ta reme does, who is looking around here.

    i have been ta inf for two and a half years now and i would like to learn a trade and i thought either reme of medic. medic seems unlikely now but i have been interested in reme for a while when i joined originally i tried to join as reme and with a new year i think its time to change

    does anyone know the requirements for ta reme

    and whats reme like in general as i was thinking of joining the regs next year when i have finished what im doing in the world
  2. try fcuking spelling you dim wit.
  3. Sorted

    guess you dont know the answer though

    also there was only one spelling mistake i could find
  4. New Years Resolution eh? Well most of my resolutions fall by the wayside on the 3rd of January.

    So this this year I decided to give up sex.

    What a great 3rd of January I have just had! ARF ARF!
  5. gd man thats a resolution that needed to be broken as quickly as possible

    anyone else make any good resolutions this year
  6. Yeah I had a good one.

    It was to stop wasting my time surfing the net and reading shite posts.

    Looks like I've blown that one already!!

    Oh well roll on 2008, thank fcuk I'm posted.

  7. Yeah but with all that fine beer about just begging for my attention....