New Years Honours

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by PoisonDwarf, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. Congratulations to Capt Mick Angove and Sgt Justin Dine from our Corps for being awarded MBEs in the 2009 New Years Honours List.

    MOD - New Years Honours List 2009

    Also, well done to WO2 Maurice Byrne and WO2 Joseph Krikorian who were awarded the QVRM.

    Finally, I see that Gen Sir Richard Dannatt KCB CBE MC ADC finally got recognised with a Knight Grand Cross. It's about time these unsung heroes got some recognition. It must be difficult enough living on a General's wage. Do you think that every time the honours list comes up these guys thing "oh bo11ocks, knight grand cross of thingummy - another medal to get court-mounted"? :wink:

  2. Fantastic news for Mick. An absolutely top fella and was the very epitome of the scary Sgt Major. For him to receive this award is great news, he is a proper old school soldier. He wasn't know as Angry Angove for nothing
  3. Totally agree guru, top bloke.

    Many congrats to all.
  4. Well done Jay.
  5. Agreed, but I would like to add an extra well done to Maurice and Joe, IIRC both have over 45 years service. Both awards well overdue in my opinion.
  6. Right thats it, I am now officially old and decrepit.

    Capt Angry Angove?

    Fcuking good drills that man :)
  7. I don't think that you were at the front of the shocked queue :D

    It was good news that someone that isn't one of the yes men of the Corps got picked up.
  8. Its not so much that he got the honour, I am sure he more than deserves it. It is more the fact that he was allowed to become an orifice ?

    After the Italian General chest poking incident I knew he was destined for greatness :lol:
  9. Mr "Fists of Fury" did well to stay in the Sgt's Mess :D
  10. Well done Joe and Jay,

    All the very best for the new year to all at Bletchley.