New Years Honours List

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Invicta, Dec 29, 2007.

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  1. Two Int Corps members were recognised on this years list, Major's Bob Bunten and David Langhorn. congratulations to both. No NCO's got the nod this time.

    The complete list for the Army has already been posted in the news & current affairs section, so I won't repeat the whole thing here.
  2. :D Well done Bob - life in squad 60 yet eh!!
  3. Nice one Bob!
  4. Bob was my SSM years ago and a fantastic chap to boot. I've had the pleasure of bumping into him a few times over the years since, this is really good news! Congratulations Bob, very well deserved indeed!
  5. Nowt bad to say about Bob. Good egg all round and a fine example to those around him (cheque's in the post I asume :D ). Not a bad goalie in his day too.Seriously, when I saw his name on the list I was well chuffed. Served with him on a number of occasions (the last being my last tour when I was Sgt Maj to his OC). Well done Bob! :salut:
  6. Congrats to both, well deserved. :D :D
  7. Congratulations to the both of them
  8. Congratulations to both, I've had the pleasure of working with both, Maj Bunten was my OC in NI and when I was back in Chicksands worked alongside Maj Langhorn (or should that be Maj(Retd)?) on the JOC courses.
  9. I can't honestly say working for or alongside him was at any point a pleasure. Nevertheless congrats to both