New Years Honours List

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armadillo, Dec 31, 2010.

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  1. Well done Mark!

    Certa Cito
  2. Doctors and Scientists i can understand, but 'For contribution to the Beauty Industry'? For fucks sake, wheres mine 'For contribution to the Masturbatory Arts'. What a load of old pony!
  3. And still nothing for Bruce Forsythe!
    I will of course be outraged, write to the Daily wail, and be starting a Facetube page to ensure this man,no,this colossus of the light entertainment world gets the regognition that he richly deserves.
  4. Chairman of British Airways?????????????????????

    Services to Business
  5. Get a grip laddie you dont get honours these days for being a ******, oh hold may be you do?
  6. Fully deserved.

    Professor Keith Porter, the consultant responsible, for co-ordinating care of British troops injured in Afghanistan, is knighted.

    A consultant at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and the UK's only professor of clinical traumatology, Prof Porter has been leading the treatment of complex battle injuries.
    His work has led to improved survival rates and more rapid recovery for injured service personnel.
    He said: "I am privileged to be the civilian lead over a service that is highly-tuned and fully engaged in the care of injured soldiers.
    "I am proud of the efforts of the military and NHS teams that work side-by-side to deliver excellent outcomes for patients who previously had non-survivable injuries."
    Prof Porter, 61, explained that in his work he deals with injuries in military patients that bear no comparison with normal wounds.
    "We are seeing multiple injuries from firearms and explosive devices which require multiple operations and critical care."
    But the prognosis for many of these patients, he says, is much better than it would have been.
    "In Birmingham there are cases of patients surviving when they wouldn't have three years ago," Professor Porter said.
    He was involved in looking after patients in the first Gulf War and admits that military care, from wounding to discharge and rehabilitation, has improved dramatically.
    "Our patients come back here now, about 36 hours post-injury, invariably in the best possible physiological condition they can be."
  7. FMP where is yours :)

    Services to wine
  8. Your Knighthood for that would trump my MBE !!!
  9. EXACTLY! People like that should be at the top of the list! Not some dobber who cooks
  10. Good spot. A generous-hearted character indeed:

  11. Patrick Stewart, OBE ..... Actor. For services to drama. Made a knight, apparently. Good on yer, Jean Luc!

  12. Heartiest congrats to Brigadier Chris Tickell CBE one of the finest leaders I have ever had the honour to serve under, well done Sir