New Years Honours List

I am at a loss as to why the english queen has not included Heather Mills Mcartny in the honour roll.
This wonderfull woman, prior to becoming disabled, was one of the most prolific charity workers to come from england.
After loosing a leg, because of the stupidity of a police motorcyclist, she has gone on to collect millions to provide limbs for amputees and to help in clearing landmines.
Sadly this poor woman married the well known pervert Paul Mcartney, who, in addition to being a singer, is well known for his addiction to young girls, paticularly from his days as a singer in germany , the only charity work this man was involved in was to build a small school for dancers, in liverpool, perhaps to satisfy his ego.
Has Heathers marrage to pervert paul damaged her chances of an OBE.
perhaps we should be told
English Queen? Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, I dont think so, Feckin foreingers coming ere taking our feckin jobs!!!
Heather Mills did very well ou of Sir Paul McCartney. I remember one Christmas he told me 'she had been hunting around in his wardrobe and found her Christmas present. A new false leg. However this wasn't her main present, just a stocking filler. Her main present was a plane, and a Philips Philishave HP6305 Wet & Dry Ladyshave, for her other leg.

I thang you. Yes that's my coat.
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