New Years Honours list... a few shockers in the locker?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Dec 31, 2011.

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  1. Well they say crime pays!!!!!
  2. Seems to me the media are hellbent on knocking Chris Preedie down. What's wrong with a reformed character doing so much good and being recognised? And WTF have the actions of his relatives got to with it? I feel deeply sorry for the parents of Damilola Taylor but to tar the whole family with the same brush is so wrong.

    I sincerely hope that Chris Preedie does not repond by "fcuking the establishment off" and going back to his previous form!

    As for "liabour" taunts that Cameron is guilty of "rewarding his friends in the city"; how many liabour supporters are poncing around with gongs for dubious purposes and/or seats in the house of lords??

    Makes me so angry "I could throw the 'phone down"!
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  3. I'd rather someone like Chris Preddie who is doing some good where very few politicians and bankers would even go to! than the usual "celebs" bankers and politicians get an award - he has done well to not just turn his own path around but to help others avoid the gang lifestyle - and I wouldn't imagine it's been at all easy with his name
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  4. I hope he doesn't stow thrones.
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  5. No mate. The not stowing thrones is for people in grass houses.
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  6. Services to the 2012 Olympics??? What the ****? If it turns out to be a big British bag of shite, as per usual, will they get the award taken away??
  7. Upgraded if they take the blame and resign... probably.
  8. Chris Preedie, apprantly, was all gangsta. But the jailing of his cousins for murder seems to have turned him around... in some ways I hope the recognition from the Crown doesn't affect his good work and make him seem to the social retards that populate the gangs of youfs and souljas to be 'establishment' or whatever way these fcuked up kids refer to the authorities.
  9. Any Arrsers on the list?
  10. disgraced property tycoon and a hedge fund trader who cashed in on the credit crunch are both in the New Year Honours list.

    Ex-convict Gerald Ronson – the great survivor of the Guinness share-trading scandal – is made a CBE. And there is a knighthood for Tory donor Paul Ruddock, who has given more than £500,000 to party coffers since 2003.

    Read more: Tainted New Year Honours: Knighthood for Tory donor who made millions from credit crunch and CBE for jailed tycoon | Mail Online

    the ex gangsta chap is actually doing something socially useful that isn't going to get him shed loads of cash.
    Gerald ronson is a very rich bloke making shedloads of cash legally but not actually very socially useful.
  11. Some missings too - I thought that Dr Conrad Murray was a dead cert 'for service to the music industry.'
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  12. Hi, does anybody know where i could get sight of the full awards list for the Army, which includes awards for the MSM, as this is'nt displayed on the usual searches..
  13. Thanks PD, however it doesnt show those awarded the MSM. Strangely (or not) the RAF News website does. Its the MSM info im after in particular..