New Years Honours (again)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Wingletang, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. Wingletang

    Wingletang War Hero

    Paucity of the Reserve honoured again?

    Looks like it.

    All pigs are equal?
  2. zubrzycki

    zubrzycki War Hero

    wanna add a link for reference?
  3. 4th_of_foot

    4th_of_foot Old-Salt

  4. zubrzycki

    zubrzycki War Hero

    The army's answer to retention? "if we keep praising them, they will never leave" kind of attitude developing?
  5. Apart from Baron Castleshort, who gives a f*ck.
  6. Actually given the relevant sizes of Regular and Territorial forces and the huge amount of work done by the regulars to keep it all together I think the Regular forces are under represented. But I've only been a Territorial for 36 years so what do I know.
  7. zubrzycki

    zubrzycki War Hero

    hierachy apparently. i think it is poo. GOC's commendations and their ilk are useless and always aimed at the wrong people.
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    So then Wingletang, the question begs asking -

    How many citations did you write up and submit?
  9. And how much did you donate to the labour party?
  10. Very true, in the past my unit has written citations and awards have been given. However certain CO's would not or did not write them so nothing appeared. i would be curious to see how many were written.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    In fact, go one better and put up a list of what we can write people up for and how ;)

  12. Feck me a mate of mine got a MBE, good on yer Vinnie

    Probably for services to the porn industry
  13. stab-bloke

    stab-bloke Clanker

    Try JSP 761, "Honours & Awards in the Armed Forces". It lays out the criteria (& rank range!) for certain awards & gives examples of specimen citations. The specimen citations are an OK starting point, but you'd need to be significantly better than these if you're going to get your citation through the various levels of filter.

    It's "Restricted - Honours", so I can't post a link. It is on DII somewhere however...

    Happy New Year!
  14. Wingletang

    Wingletang War Hero

    Just the one....and she didn't get through the sift.
  15. Remind me not to get you to write anything for me then...