New Years Honours 2010 - Sir Bruce Forsyth

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by afghanman, Dec 13, 2010.

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  1. Is this the year that Brucie gets knighted?

    In my humble opinion (compared with some of the other recepients) he deserves it for his decades of service to the entertainment industry.

    Any other celeb predictions for honours this New year?
  2. Shane Warne deserves a gong for spearing Liz Hurley.

    A cunning propaganda coup to distract the Oz public away from the Ashes debacle.
  3. Question 1: Brucie!! **** me! Is he still alive?

    Question 2: If yes, then why?
  4. He does have a CBE already. I'd be pretty satisfied with that. If I were him. Which I am not.
  5. You appear to be getting carried away with strictly come prancing.
  6. Bruce isn't funny, nor has he ever been funny. His gags are appalling, and the old **** should be put banging that on TV would be the only time I'll enjoy watching BF!
  7. Tis a shame but the producers on 'Strictly come blah blah...' would agree with you. His inability to read the words of his 'gags' from the Autocue in the right order is causing acute embarrassment.

    He's actually a fairly nice old boy (I've met him through work a few times) and his stories of the booze fuelled shenanigans with Sean Connery at his Wentworth mansion were very entertaining. He had a reputation for being tricky on set but I suspect that was just indignation at being called 'mate' by a 23 year old telly-brat.
  8. Aye.......
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Why not go the whole route - just make him a Lord. The Honours system is fucked up anyway so it wont make any difference.
  10. Just a quick correction...
  11. Bearing in mind that a Royal Wedding means that every pumper in London District picks up a CBE/MBE/OBE etc, next year will be bumper.

    If it were a meritocracy, I'd give a toss. But it isn't - so nuts to it, let's hand the things out like smarties. Some lantern jawed goon who hosts end-of-the-pier talent shows wants a knighthood? Sounds fair.
  12. Why Not ! If he can face up to Animal Rights Protestors at Oxford University and gives so much support to Service Charities, surely at least he deserves something.

    After all what about our coloniall cousins and their offspring

    Peter Andre + Queen Katie the Slut Price and their weirdo offspring "Princess Tiami"
    The even weirder late Black and White Minstrel Michael Jackson and his offspring "Prince" the bouncing baby
    The weird artist formerly known as "Prince"
    Duke Ellington
    The frightfully beautiiful Lady Gaga
  13. ******* hell. In the distant past Knights were men of honour who fought on the battlefield. Nowadays Knights are either fat old faggots or complete unfunny *****. And they all wear ******* wigs! *****.
  14. Mate you need to get down off the fence or you'll get splinters in your arrse.