New Years Honours 2008

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Pox_Dr, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. I find it totally incredible that not one medically trained person has been awarded anything in this years new years honours. Not a ARRC for any of the services or any other award for anyone else.

    New Years Honours 2008

    I’m outraged, why is this, is it a simple case of no one has achieved anything of note this year that deserves some form of award or is it a case of them up stair just not forwarding on the citations.
  2. 'fraid to say, we are notoriously tardy about putting our people up for honours.

    I'd love to know why. Seems to me we have plenty to celebrate and shout about across the DMS.

    Are we institutionally modest to the point of self-neglect?
  3. I know a regiment *cough* that did 18 months on active ops in NI and got one Mention in Despatches. Oh - the CO got the OBE of course. The whole system is a joke.
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    Apologies fellow ARSERS.


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  5. it's all down to who wrote up who....if you've got a system/GOC/CO/anyone that understands how it works and can write a good citation, then it will work for you, if not, it won't.

    Dream on for 97% of you.
  6. This year, the worth of the CMT has finally been realised, with the pay increase & all. But the prolonged promotion kind of cancels that out.

    New Years Honours? Be really, the governments expects us to excell, why should they decorate us when we do?

    Life is not fair (as I'm always being told!)
  7. It seems that there is a reverse corrolation between the amount asked of us and the amount of recognition received. I cannot believe that the amount ball breaking work being done is not been seen by Joe public. Perhaps the rest of the army should take a leaf from the Para Reg's book - no lack of silver wear there (thoroughly deserved I hasten to add).

    Get nominating bosses.
  8. Now, having regained my faculties, (until this evenings festivities at least), it seems to me that short of a magic trick, you are not going to secure a gong.

    I have a vivid memory of a Captain once shouting with joy, walking into the room (Having received a signal), and relishing the amount of Corps personilities who had, at that time received awards. Off he went, Captain this, Major that, Lt Col someone else.

    I pointed out at the time, that not one OR, either LCpl or WO1 had been so lucky.

    He was less impressed with my actual response. (I won't repeat it here). I'll leave that until I am minced. (Kidding of course).

    This 26 year old numpty, was really trying to convince this, (At the time), 37 year old crusty, that not only did they deserve it, but the 'boys' should rejoice in the fact that 'their' contribution had been recognised, in the form of a gong, for their commanders.

    I was not sarcastic or angry, (honest).

    It appears that there is some truth in the maxim, My bloody effort (MBE), and Other buggers effort, (OBE).

    Some of them are no doubt deserved, the majority are not.
  9. The vet got one - what more do you want?.
  10. Vet?????

    As in Vietnam????
  11. OBE - Brig Andrew Stephen Warde, late Royale Army Vet Corps
  12. Sorry to say the Corps has a long and glorious history of officer only awards. But after reading the recognition the guys have had on Ops this year from the Teeth Arms it is poor that our own hierarchy cant be Arrsed to put any of the workers forward. Surgeon General, DG and COs hang your heads in shame.
  13. Not got a mention. That's it. I'm writing to the Labour Party and asking for my money back :D
  14. Just remember that there is a big difference between New Year/birthday honours and Operational honours. I am sure that the hard efforts of your guys have and will always be recognised in Ops honours, fixing guys who really need it and across the Army that is recognition enough, not getting MBE's for switching the lads heating off in winter to save a couple of grand.
  15. Oh so that's it, I never paid the BLiar Government. You thought I'd of learnt by now.

    He says tongue in cheek.