New Years Eve, In or Out?

Just moved house and had a right busy week. So we have decided to stay in with the kids, but still get plastered while watching whatever shite they have on this year.

We already regret it, but too late to arrange a babysitter.

You in or out?
In. Too fcuking cold up here.
In, as is the tradition here, not a drop will pass me lips until the bells have rung.


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In. Doing fuck all but trying to ignore the bastards with their fireworks.

And there's fuck all on TV. May be an early night.
Staying In is the new Going Out... :wink:

Cold beer, hot sausage rolls and room-temperture Whiskey(McCallan). I'll watch the fireworks and the Mongs in Princes St. on tv in a nice, warm living room. :D
Bin out, it was snowing but 0A domestic wouldn't let us get stuck, so now in to sort out the Christmas leftover wine lake :D
Undecided. I am at work till 10pm and am supposed to be going to the pub afterwards and then on to a party. Thing is though, atm I just can't be assed so might stay in.
in. new years eve is absolute shite. dunno wot it is but i cud go out next week and av a pukka nite but theres sumthing about 31/12 that pisses me off so im in drinkin whisky watching hell in the pacific on military, like sum sad weirdo
In, working, frigging Americans always pick on us immigrants

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