New Years Cluedo

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aunty Stella, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. As I am sure you are aware, a thread that related to a "liason" between three persons has, ahem, dissapeared.

    Now, there must have been a reason for this and the best one that I can think of is that the person(s) in question, or their spouses or possibly both were online at the time and have seen the evidence and panicked.

    So, we now need to deduce who did it, at which crawl and with whom. The evidence is out there.

    Crack on
  2. Do we at least get some clues to start us off AS?
  3. Where do all these crawls take place, and how can one partake?
  4. Only kidding , i'm a good girl really !

    Honest xox ;o)
  5. Hang on A_S , if it's Cluedo , don't we get to find out who the victim was first, then work our way back , and deduce the weapon and location?

    i.e "Arrse Maiden 1 , in the jacuzzi with a mutton musket"

    If there is no Clue , then it's just "Do"

    hehe :D
  6. Here's two clues. All that is missing from her life is:

    a. A Garrison.

    b. Some pedals.
  7. Come on Biscuits that could be anyone... clues make prizes and all that...
  8. OK. She may have a dental problem.
  9. Laugh? I put it in the Lines Book. See for yourself
  10. Fame at last.
  11. Good point PTP.

    Lets call it "Nocluedo" instead. The extra element is that you have to guess the identity of the "victim" as well. The first clue as to the identity would be no visible tattoos to the rear, the location (if I had to take a stab at it) would be a Holiday Inn Express type hotel and the "do'ers" of the deed are one guy that I know who I know is reading this and his mate who I don't

    Vague I know but since when did we ever need solid evidence ? :)
  12. Does she have sleeves in her underpants?
  13. In the evidence that I have before me, there are no underpants visible, therefore I can't comment.
  14. OK, so no sleeved underpants. Mmmmmmmm............does she have teeth which resemble an open bag of chips?
  15. Is there a filthy and overgrown pant 'tash in view? A la 'Hairy Mary' (see separate thread)

    Is there a rectal prolapse?