New year resolutions

stop wanking on buses

without buying a ticket first
I plan to dry-bum the RAF chick on the floor below me.
Bunny-boiling wench has it coming.
remember the first law of the internets- pics or it didn't happen
selfish. Is she "Smash" or "Rats" ?
The lady in question is a sour-faced troll, whose shape lacks definition so badly she appears as little more than a hessian sack full of rejected potato. In light blue.
My plan is selfish, in that I intend to carry it out solely for my own amusement. And because I plan on winning our game of block bingo.
I plan to stop molesting the bears that I occasionally look after.

Well I say plan too, I suppose it all depends whether the bloke in my life starts wearing the 'bear suit' again for me.


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