New Year Party

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by gado, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. Anyone having one I can come to?

    I seem to find myself alone :cry:

    gado xx
  2. that one is cancelled as slug has manflu............hope you find one Gado - and Happy new year in advance
  3. You know where the Traf is I'm sure, £1 to get in with dosh going to Headley Court.
  4. You big titted slapper, you are welcome to spend it with me and the dawg in Cambridge.

    It may involve ginger dogs, max strength cold and flu capsules and Wolf Blass (Pink) and sleeping in the bed with me, but hey, it could be worse.

    Sluggy xxx
  5. What, the Traf in the Shot?

    I know a man who lives upstairs ;-)
  6. Cheers chick, but I can't get past all that water thats gone under the bridge.

    Have a good one & I hope your feeling better soon xx
  7. Who made a pass on who? Did it involve licking tuppences?
  8. I don't know you threaders, but the Oxygen Thief in your title says it all!
  9. He is alreet, hit him anyway.
  10. That's right you dont, so how do you know?
    I don't know you but I'd say you were an old full screw who looks like a bloke - BOB?
  11. lol you're right, you don't know me. Not a full screw & I'd never be described as BOB. Sorry mate defo Bird! Big tits & all!
  12. No, you're definately the one. Bird or Bloke on Herrick 4 FSH? You loved the c0ck - especially if it was SBS c0ck.
  13. Not me fella.

    Anyway, got a party goin on, or the missus not like you invite round ladies of the net?
  14. I'm turning to you all in my hour of need & you're all rubbish!