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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Soggyllama, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi there, I've been looking through this fine fine site for a few months now, since making the decision to Join up in the TA, so thought it finally about time I made the plunge and actually register myself on here.

    In the new year I'm looking at Joining up, however since making the decision it has come to my attention that due to my last few years of having lard, pies and Kebabs on intravenous drip, I'm going to need to drop my BMI. Early next month I'm going to speak to one of my Local TA units and get the ball rolling on the application process. I have applied for the TA previously in another county but had to leave early on due to family commitments and transport issues, therefore I have a very vague idea of what to expect (up until the RSW at least)

    Look forward to getting any help or advice during my time. Thankyou for reading :)
  2. Go for a run. Go on. That's the best start.
  3. Yeah I realise running IS the main part of military fitness, so that will be the main area of training for me, as well as reducing fat intake and other such stuff. The only (minor) problem I have is we live in a housing estate so isnt really anywhere local I can run, will need to go out a bit further afield.
  4. Why's that a problem? Unless your house is surrounded by a lake of molten Lava you can run anywhere.

    Step 1:
    Set alarm for 0600

    Step 2:
    Get up at 0600, hydrate, walk around your house a little/up and down in the stairs to wake your limbs up

    Step 3:
    At 0630 leave your house, and run for 15 minutes. Then stop, turn around and run back.

    Step 4:
    Have shower, then a good breakfast and you're ready to go to work/bum about whatever you do.

    Do this 3-5 times a week to start with whilst going through your paper work, after 6 weeks-ish then start to advance your training futher with speed/hill work and longer endurance runs.

  5. I think that read wrong, as the problem isnt so much as we're in a housing estate, but is quite a compact estate meaning lots of turns etc etc, whereas abit out of town there is a huge area where I can run uninterrupted on a nice steady route with no need to constantly keep changing direction (if that makes sense).

    Thankyou for the advice though, after re-reading my original post it DOES look a bit daft. (I knew what I meant) :)
  6. Don't worry about it, what capbadge are you looking at joining?
  7. As far as fitness is concerned, make sure you add in bodyweight exercises such as push ups, situps etc.

    Best of luck. :)
  8. Aye, that too :D

    Also try and get used to doing Pullups as they feature on your RSW.
  9. when I did my RSW back in 2003 (in Sunny Pirbright) I dont remember having to do pull-ups. But to be fair, at the time alot of the weekend flew by, all I remember was misfooting on the Wall and slamming straight into it, shortly followed by the words "Your supposed to go OVER the wall Number 10, Not through it" and not being able to move for about half a week afterwards due to bruises and muscles screaming in agony at me.

    As for cap badge, i'm still not 100% decided yet on either

    123 Ammunition Squadron, 159 Supply Regiment (Royal Logistics Corps)
    B (Shropshire Yeomanry) Squadron, The Royal Mercian & Lancastrian Yeomanry (Royal Armoured Corps)

    Both these are the most local to where I live. I need to visit both to see which I would enjoy more. Any pointers on either of these (pre-decision) would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Armoured Recce would be my choice, but I'm more combat orientated in my Career choices.

    Pullups, you probably wouldn't have in 2003. As of a couple of years back TA RSW now replicates (pretty much) Regular Army RSC, so that now includes pullups. Aim to do atleast 5 without stopping, buildup slowly with them.
  11. Are these over or underhand?
  12. Under, but train for both - it's good Phys.
  13. Ok cool, Thanks for the advice Whiskey, FrankCastle (Punisher by any chance??) and Magdovus :)

    As I mentioned in another post on here somewhere, I got the 'Official British Army Fitness guide' book so will be working through that also. To help shed the flab and build up the fitness again.
  14. Well spotted, mate. :wink:

    Best of luck to you, whichever unit you choose to join.
  15. OK I have decided on which T.A Training center I wish to attend. and in about an hour I'm going to go and have a quick chat with them. Maybe too I can get some advice on lard loss, and what I need to concentrate on.

    Do I need to ring first or can I just show up and take from there?

    shall I attend 'Smart casual' or 'Smart'?