New Year Honours for Service personnel and Defence civilians

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Dec 29, 2012.

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  2. Why do 99% of honours go to officers and warrant officers? Obviously lower ranks must do nothing deserving of such accolade.
  3. That is also why they done away with the BEM, as the MBE is a 'classless' award...yeah, whatever!

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  4. It's probably because honours are awarded to continuos devotion to the cause they are awarded for. Toms and JNCOs arses don't touch the ground sometimes so they don't have the time.

    SNCOs/WOs/Offrs have an available workforce to help them.

    They're not referred to Many Buggers Efforts and Other Buggers Efforts for nothing.
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  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    This will come as something of a surprise to the recipients of the BEM I was asked to contact last week to see if they were happy to speak to their local media...:???:
    eg LINK

    [Shome Mishtake Shurely ? Ed.]
  6. I didn't realise they reinstated the award! I thought that it was abolished by Blair, stating the MBE would be classless! I personally feel that this should remain the case and the MBE should be the only award.

    Why are they not published on the NYHL, then? We are, after all, a classless society!

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  7. blimey even i know someone on it!
  8. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    From the link given by the MoD-RSS robot above:


    David Arnold BURCHELL For voluntary service to St John Ambulance

    Mrs Janet Stewart CAMPBELL For voluntary service to the British Red Cross Society

    Robert Paulin CLINTON For services to Veterans Aid

    Ian CLOUGH Ministry of Defence, Mid Glamorgan

    Mark Ellis GRINNALL Ministry of Defence, Monmouthshire

    Mrs Carole Jean HILLMAN For voluntary service to St John Ambulance

    Peter William SKELLON For voluntary service to the RAF Association

    Mrs Jean SLATER For voluntary service to St John Ambulance

    Colonel Alan Ronald TAPP For voluntary service to SSAFA Forces Help

    Blimey, Blob - how much of that electric porridge did you have this mornin' ? :-D
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  9. Good to see Commander Bond finally got recognised for driving all those underwater cars and fighting Jaws in space
  10. There are a few JNCOs on the list above.

    One thing I've never noticed before... why do TA chaps and chappesses have '[Corps/Regiment] Territorial Army' rather than '[Corps/Regiment]' after their name as do Regs?

    They are in the same Corps or Regiment are they not?

  11. You really can't help yourselves in your frothing hatred can you. (Sir) John Major did away with the BEM :)

    Cameron reinstated it in 2011 by the way
  12. oh goody does that mean that we are all eligible for the VRSM then
  13. Major got a KCVO via HM Queen as Blair would not give him a Knighthood.
    Hence reason why Cameron not giving Blair a Knighthood now!
    Blair could "buy" one with all his charitable work he does for money these days!
  14. you may want to check 99.9% of that post for factual content and besides what the f* ck has any of it got to do with the fact that Major did away with the BEM ^~
  15. It's not hatred at all, just pointing out that I thought in this day and age we should move out of the dark ages!

    We won't give an MBE SNCO/JNCO, but will give it to an 18 year old swimmer who has a disability, because she swam!

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