New Year: A clean slate for persecuted members.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bigeye, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. It's 2013....

    I suppose there's no chance of everybody starting off the year with a clean slate.

    Some long time members of this site seem to be in perpetual disfavour with the hordes. Whenever they post they are are attacked from all sides irrespective of the validity of their contribution like piranhas surrounding a capsized 'Sunshine Kids' cruiser.

    Apart from when I see people hitting dogs the few times I've been stirred to pre-emptive violence is when I've witnessed bullying and - er... bullying this is. (Cyber bullying?)

    Case in point:
    Bravo Bravo get's it in the neck although he's a senior NCO in the TA - clearly I'm in no position to comment on operational tour responsibility as I only work in dodgy spots for money, not duty. It seems that he is the victim of his own honesty; for how would the apparent facts regarding his private life be known but for his own candid comments.

    Is it not time to extend the hand in friendly comradeship rather than just two fingers?

    Legal note.
    This does not apply to obvious cunts and bluffers.
    I have not been paid by Bravo Bravo.
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  2. This'll get interesting fairly quickly I reckon...
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  3. I'm not trying to stir the shit - I just like to do my bit for bullied strangers on the internet.
  4. Methinks you are missing the point. He gets it in the neck precisely because he's a SNCO in the TA.
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  5. Bigeye, he's not a SNCO he is a WO. He could help himself out by not being a penis.
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  6. He gets it because he's a cunt.

    The fact that he's currently trying to out someone with several confirmed tours as a walt shows what a fucking elephant's quim he is.
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  7. I have no issue with Bravo Bravo aside from the way he bites and gets all defensive. He's an Infantry WO2 ffs. He's supposed to be a man amongst men.

    I think Dashing Chap should lose his O2 tag. He seems like a good egg and there's people far more deserving of an O2 tag.

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  8. Agreed. I like D-C.
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  9. By 'not being a penis' meaning accept all the shit going his direction without response?

    Alternatively, detractors could try and be amusing rather than abusive. Then maybe they wouldn't look like a penis.
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  10. Yep, DC isn't deserving of his O2 tag.
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  11. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Will 2013 also be "Being Nice to Crabs" year? ;P

    Naaah, what am I thinking? … HNY to you all anyway.
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  12. Not a fucking chance. ;-)
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  13. I try to avoid having a go at someone unless they seriously attack me. So far that has only happened once (I know I'm fucking amazed too) and that was by Ord_Sgt and doesn't really count
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  14. Agreed. He's a cock, but not a massive cock.
  15. Isn't he just a WO? Doesn't he lose the infantry tag if he hasn't deployed over 5 ranks and at least ten years of constant conflicts(two at once for a significant period)?

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