New Year´s Honours list

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Ralf, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. Funny how it seems to be all officers in these honours lists and pen pusher at that.Don't they recognise the hard work done by those very important people in the lower ranks,the very people who DO THE BLOODY WORK.Obviously the forces are still full of class distinction.
  2. Don't think that's as clear cut as it seems TJ. Several of those Officers are LE Commissioned who have full service in "the ranks" pre-commission. One in particular I know very well and a truly deserved award it is too. Plenty of "non-Officers" gain awards in there as well.
  3. Abacus, I went through the whole list eg Army, Navy, and Air force and a small number of other ranks got recognised,but the majority were officers that received honours.Recommendations for the honours list are done by officers,and if you are another rank you come way down the bottom of the list when it comes to recognition.The old boys network is very active in the officers messes throughout the armed forces.The BEM was done away with by the government,but it is a bit harder to get another rank selected for the MBE. THEM AND US STILL VERY MUCH APPARENT!
  4. It will always be "them and us" thats the sad way it is, and will be, but thank god for the "Few" good ones out there that recognise the hard work done by those in the other ranks.
  5. I dont think you could accuse the two AAC chaps of being 'pen pushers'. They are both very experienced and highly qualified QHI's, one of them being an ex ranker. Well done.
  6. Here, here Flash!!
  7. I think you'll find that both these individuals have been honoured for anything but pen-pushing, and although one is a direct entrant officer (not that that makes a difference), the other has been all the way through the "lower ranks". So perhaps you should check the facts before entering "class warrior" mode.

    Incidentally, well done to both individuals. Don't know NW, but MM is a top bloke and well deserves it.
  8. I carn,t believe i,v been overlooked again. 8O
  9. I know both of the chaps mentioned. For once the Corps has chosen well and put the right kind of person forward.

    Well done to you both.
  10. I have not seen the list, but from the comments both deserve the awards they received!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Check the Blue link air-cannon and welcome to arrse!!!!!
  12. On the subject of honours, I have heard that military personnel attached to the Foreign Office and CPA in Iraq have been stiffed when it comes to handing out anything that either swishes or clinks. They are more than happy to award shiney things with post nominals to civil servants who sat in the Green Zone doing SFA for 3 months, but not to anyone tarnished with dpm. Apparently it's all to do with department medal tallys. The 1 in every 120 diplomats awarded an honour or award is a greatly coveted statistic in King Charles Street and they are not going to allow the men in green across the road in Main Building to encroach on their gargantuan gong gathering exercise. (The FCO give their personnel more honours than anyother civil service dept).

    I suppose we could be a little sympathetic, diplomatic service is less donning the Panama and flannels, and sipping gee and tees by the pool in some far flung outpost of Empire and far more mixing it in Brussels with an endless steam of tiresome mindless eurocrats. And its not just boxheads, frogs, flems and iberian deigos all knocking on the door after a share of the britannic rebate, nowadays there are poles, lithuanians, latvians and numerous other foreign twats in cheap suits jumping on the proverbial bandwagon.

    So in summary I say good news to any military personnel getting a gong (soldier or officer), because since John Major's dumbing down of honours and awards, we seem to be getting less and less recognition in the bi-annual lists.

    Apologies thats my winge over.
  13. What about the MSM??? There were 25 awarded to SNCO's/Warrant Officers (and one LE Capt). That's a prestigious award that is only available to SNCOs & Warrant Officers!!!! Not an easy award to get your hands on........
  14. Riggghhhttttt...... so the BEM (mentioned below) was recommended by??? Oh yes, officers.

    Or, alternatively, the people who are work their arrses off in a position of responsibility (i.e. "above and beyond") sufficiently to earn a gong have also worked them off sufficiently to get a promotion or three?.

    The only person at Regimental Duty from our (TA) battalion to earn an honour in the past few years that I can remember, was an SNCO who got the QVRM. No "OC or CO earns an MBE" there, but a f***ing hard working CSgt (now WO2, AIUI) who held the Coy admin together while the PSAO was recovering from a heart attack, while simultaneously increasing the recruiting statistics through bl**dy hard work. Total star, everything they touched worked well. Strangely, the chain of command writing the recommendation would have been...?

    From my perspective, the evidence isn't there, and claiming "THEM AND US" makes you sound a bit chippy. Or like a journo trawling for a response.